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Summary of Country and Townhouse Review

In this blog post, we summarise the wonderful review of the Metabolic Health Retreat as featured in Country and Townhouse Magazine. We were delighted to welcome travel writer, Fiona Duncan to join the Metabolic Health Retreat early in 2023, which she found to be a transformative experience.


A summary of the review featured in Country and Townhouse magazine as written by Katy Lewis

Combe Grove is a recently unveiled sanctuary that stands out as a unique and exceptional wellness concept. Located within an 18th-century manor offering breathtaking views of Bath and the Wiltshire countryside, it is hailed as Britain’s pioneering health retreat. What distinguishes Combe Grove is its remarkable ability to allow guests to “rest, restore, and reset” their wellbeing through a harmonious blend of medical and holistic approaches, complemented by an enduring support system that extends for an additional 48 weeks.

At the heart of Combe Grove’s identity lies its six-night Metabolic Health Retreat programme, which specifically addresses the prevailing crisis of obesity and associated health challenges. With the healthcare system burdened by the effects of ultra-processed food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, this programme aims to mend individuals who arrive with metabolic issues. By the end of their stay, guests will have undergone a transformative healing journey, setting them on a path towards improved health. However, the retreat is not exclusive to those facing metabolic challenges. It equally caters to individuals seeking to recalibrate their perceptions, experiences, and methods of self-healing, as well as those in need of a healthy respite. The retreat offers a range of tailored treatments, exercises, and activities to meet the unique needs of each guest.

Behind the creation of Combe Grove are visionary individuals, including Helen Alyward Smith, a successful businesswoman turned philanthropist. Her long-held aspiration to establish a centre of health and wellbeing blending with commercial and charitable dimensions, finally became a reality with the acquisition of Combe Grove, formally a boutique hotel nestled in 70 acres of captivating woodland. The collaboration with Dr Campbell Murdoch, a renowned expert in metabolic health, further elevates this venture. Guests now have the chance to embark on a week-long journey under Dr Murdoch’s guidance, where they learn to restore themselves medically, such as by lowering blood pressure and blood glucose levels, shedding excess weight, and embracing nourishing nutrition. They have the opportunity to engage in swimming sessions in both indoor and outdoor pools, participate in yoga and meditation classes, avail themselves of holistic treatments such as naturopathy, acupuncture, and reflexology, and embark on invigorating strolls through the surrounding woodlands.

Central to Helen’s vision is the concept of regeneration and reconnecting with nature. Combe Grove embodies this commitment through environmental preservation and sustainability efforts. The establishment has created an expansive kitchen garden and fostered biodiversity throughout its thriving 70 acre Estate. A stay at Combe Grove offers more than just a week-long retreat, it provides an immersive experience that imparts the wisdom of leading a healthier, balanced, and nature-centric life.

Combe Grove’s emergence marks the beginning of a new era in health retreats. With its innovative approach that harmonises medical expertise with holistic practices, alongside its unwavering dedication to nature and sustainability, it sets the stage for a transformative experience that goes beyond mere wellness. Combe Grove fosters a profound connection with oneself and the environment, paving the way for personal growth and a renewed sense of wellbeing.

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