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The Elmhurst Foundation

The Elmhurst Foundation at Combe Grove

The Elmhurst Foundation was set up by Helen Aylward-Smith in 2008 with the charitable objectives of advancing knowledge and education of health and wellness, sharing this knowledge and its benefits with the local community and creating a range of high-quality apprenticeships for local people.

In March 2017, The Elmhurst Foundation became the guardian of The Combe Grove Estate, allowing it to begin to realise its ambitions and objectives. The Apprenticeship programme is well underway with degree level apprentices working across both business and service disciplines from sales and marketing to cooking and wellness.

During their time with Combe Grove, the apprentices have the opportunity to explore different career paths, to learn about wellbeing, and to provide public benefit to the local community through charitable work. Each Apprenticeship includes an element of community service, organised by us, relating to their chosen discipline. The Elmhurst Foundation has started to form partnerships with local charities and privately-owned businesses that employ apprentices and who are thoughtful of their contribution to the community and impact on the environment, in order to help us develop this purpose.

By supporting the Elmhurst Foundation, members, staying guests, neighbours, friends and volunteers all provide the infrastructure and financial means to ensure the charitable objectives continue to be met.