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Structural Integration

Structural Integration (SI) is a form of manual therapy that manipulates the fascial tissues of the body to achieve structural balance. Fascia is an adaptive tissue that is shaped by the way we interact with our environment. The more we move the better shape our fascia will be in but when movement has reduced or become repetitive, the fascia tends to stiffen which increases tension. Where there is tension, everything else must compensate and this leads to structural imbalance which can make movement more difficult or indeed painful. In this way, structural imbalance begins to limit function and limited function causes more structural imbalance which can become a bit of a viscous cycle.

SI techniques aim to release and hydrate the fascia creating space for both movement and the breath. It is useful for any musculoskeletal movement issues and though a session may focus on the neck and jaw, shoulders, spine, rib cage, pelvis, hip, knee or the foot etc., the whole-body structural pattern is always considered since fascia connects everything in the body from head to toe, inside to out.

Each session begins with a structural assessment to identify areas of restriction and how they relate to movement issues. The work is carried out in direct skin contact where convenient, or through light clothing so it is best to wear loose, non-restrictive clothes.

A treatment will put you back in contact with body parts that have been forgotten, leaving you feeling gently energised with more ease in your movement. Homework exercises will be offered to help integrate the work in the session into daily activities for longer lasting change.

Nicki O’Clarey – Structural Integration Practitioner

Nicki O’Clarey – Structural Integration Practitioner

Nicki has an avid curiosity and respect for human biology having studied movement and exercise science along with various somatic movement practices for over 30 years. Nicki particularly likes to explore methods that awaken the senses and the body’s natural movement pathways endeavouring to find ways to bring the work from Structural Integration sessions into home practice and daily living. Believing that maintaining movement potential and feeling connected helps us remain adaptable is key to being able to move more easily through life.

Nicki also specialises in Scar Tissue Therapy, a dedicated form of fascial work that incorporates a range of specific techniques to ease restrictions, increase hydration and restore mobility. It uses light touch to stimulate circulation and lymph flow to activate the immune and the nervous system to promote further healing.


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