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Metabolic Membership

A pioneering new Programme for the local community,
providing in depth insights into your health with actionable tools to improve metabolic wellness.

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“Metabolic health refers to the optimal functioning of biochemical processes within the body, which involves maintaining normal levels of blood sugar, lipids and blood pressure, as well as having a healthy weight and waist circumference. Good metabolic health reduces the risk of developing chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. Key factors influencing metabolic health include a balanced diet, regular physical activity and avoiding harmful behaviours like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.” The World Health Organisation.

At Combe Grove we provide seven specialist Metabolic Health Programmes and are pleased to introduce the new Metabolic Membership for the local community, incorporating the Five Roots of Metabolic Health.

Medical Insights Into Your Health

Medical Insights Into Your Health

How does it work?

Members receive a comprehensive Metabolic Health starter pack and a blood test. A consultation with a dedicated Combe Grove Nutritionist is scheduled for personalised guidance based on your results.

This Consultation will include

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Health Assessment
  • Evaluation of ten key markers of metabolic health
  • Identification of your priority root for improvement
  • Detailed Metabolic Health Report provided, using a traffic light system for clarity
  • Tailored Metabolic Health Plan, focusing on actionable steps addressing The Five Roots
  • A seven day meal plan complete with recipes
  • A Metabolic Health Prescription for targeted improvements


Members receive a Metabolic Health Review after 12 weeks with a Nutritionist, where you work together to develop a tailored plan based on your results.

Armed with the knowledge gained from your health checks, the team develop a personalised wellness plan tailored specifically to your health aspirations, preferences and lifestyle.

What is included?

  • Metabolic Health Starter Pack
  • One complimentary massage therapy
  • Initial Metabolic Health Consultation
  • Initial Metabolic Health Check which features ten measures including blood tests and Accuniq
  • Personalised Metabolic Health Plan.
  • Seven day meal plan with recipes
  • 12 week Metabolic Health Review
  • 12 week Metabolic Health Check
  • Rewards on achieving personalised goals
  • Two additional Metabolic Health Reviews throughout the year
  • Monthly Members webinars on Metabolic Health
  • Monthly Relaxation Session, virtual
  • Monthly Cooking demo, virtual
  • Fortnightly Five Root Group Support Session held at lunchtime in the Drawing Room
  • Treatment voucher, £20 credit on each of the 12 treatments provided at Combe Grove
One of our Returners Metabolic Health Retreat Returners receiving a Accuniq body composition measurement analysis
Nicki O’Clarey – Structural Integration Practitioner

The Metabolic Membership Programme is recommended for

  • Individuals who have a current membership at Combe Grove and would like to upgrade
  • Those who live in the local community
  • People with an interest in measurably improving their health and wellbeing
  • People who want to make positive, achievable and sustainable changes to their lifestyle

Metabolic Members receive preferential rates and additional benefits.

You can book an array of 12 treatments and a selection of massage therapies with skilful and professional Practitioners to complement your wellbeing.

Additional benefits include

  • Regular newsletters sharing hints and tips on nutrition and wellness
  • Full access to wellness facilities in the Coach House
  • Five complimentary day guest passes per year with additional available to purchase
  • Volunteering Club with opportunities to learn new skills and traditional crafts
  • Access to private tennis coaching

Membership Prices

These are the introductory rates for the first 100 Metabolic Members.

Full membership, £1200 each year or £120 per month

NHS Healthcare Full membership, £840 each year or £84 per month

Joining Fee, £150

Membership Enquiry