Combe Grove Food Ethos

The Food Ethos is our approach to the food you eat from field to fork. Meaning how we grow our produce to how we prepare the ingredients, to ensure they remain as nourishing as possible. The Healthy Eating Guidelines, an integral part of our Ethos, support our metabolic health in a way that is sustainable and inclusive. With menus devised to aid metabolic health, the majority of our ingredients are sustainably sourced from our own Kitchen Garden. Other ingredients come from local suppliers keeping our food miles to a minimum. The ‘no dig’ philosophy in The Kitchen Garden allows the soil biome to flourish and enables us to grow healthy plants and more nutrient-dense vegetables. We are mindful to include nectar-rich planting for pollinators to aid biodiversity. 

The Combe Grove Food Ethos

  • Real food, freshly made, not processed or artificial
  • Low carbohydrate, aiming for 15% or fewer carbohydrates in any given meal
  • Natural fats including lean meats, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, organic dairy, oily fish, coconut oil
  • Protein-rich. Each meal should have protein content. Protein is satiating. It fills us and balances our blood sugar levels.
  • Foods include meat, poultry, game, fish, dairy, eggs, legumes, beans and pulses, nuts and seeds.
  • A seasonal rainbow, with diversity and a variety of colours. Plant rich with regards to nutrients and attractive to the eye
  • Sustainability. Aiming for local produce that is seasonal and where possible organic and free-range. Looking further afield at
  • Fairtrade/Fairwild with the lowest pesticide residue possible and foods from Combe Grove’s permitted list that are imported are then offset
  • The food should be delicious and enjoyable

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