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Combe Grove Apprenticeships

Combe Grove’s Vision

Combe Grove provides a unique setting that promotes overall health and wellbeing through memberships to the Club and through our transformative Metabolic Health Retreat Programmes.

In March 2017, The Elmhurst Foundation Charitable Trust took responsibility for overseeing the Combe Grove Estate, driven by three main objectives. The first is to advance expertise in the realms of health and wellbeing, extend the use of resources and knowledge to support the local community, and finally, develop exceptional apprenticeships and become an established centre of learning excellence.

Why do an Apprenticeship at Combe Grove?

Combe Grove provides high-quality apprenticeship programmes across a range of disciplines including Marketing, Finance and Horticulture. Apprentices not only learn job-specific skills but also benefit from the Estate’s emphasis on health and wellness. An apprenticeship at Combe Grove offers a holistic and enriching experience that combines skill development, personal growth, wellness integration, and community engagement, setting apprentices up for a successful and fulfilling career journey.

There is a focus on developing not only technical skills but also essential soft skills including communication, teamwork, and problem-solving with opportunities for work experience with alternative companies, whereby apprentices can build future connections as well as collaborate with other departments.

With apprenticeships spanning a diverse series of vocations, individuals can explore their chosen fields and develop their knowledge and skills, setting a strong foundation for their chosen career path. The skills gained and the experience acquired is highly valued by employers. Apprentices receive recognition for their achievements through certification, which adds credibility to their CV and demonstrates their commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Apprentices at Combe Grove are guided by experienced professionals who are dedicated to nurturing talent, providing personalised mentorship, and helping apprentices grow in their chosen fields. Apprenticeships offer practical, hands-on experience that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. This practical exposure enhances learning and prepares learners for real-world challenges and opportunities. Combe Grove’s vibrant community provides apprentices with ample chances to connect with fellow apprentices, mentors, and industry experts. These connections are valuable for future career growth.

Apprentices not only advance their professional skills but also gain insights into incorporating wellness practices into their lives. This rounded approach sets Combe Grove’s apprenticeships apart from other establishments and contributes to personal and professional development.

Being a part of Combe Grove means contributing to a community that prioritises health, wellness, and positive impact. Apprentices can take pride in being associated with an organisation that makes a difference to the wider community.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship at Combe Grove

Apprentice Experience Videos

Digital Marketing Level 6

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How is an apprenticeship structured?

Apprenticeship standards encompass three distinct stages of progression:

On-Programme Learning:

This phase establishes the core of the apprenticeship journey. During this period, apprentices immerse themselves in a comprehensive learning experience that is aligned with the fundamentals of the apprenticeship standard. Here, apprentices diligently nurture their knowledge, skills, and behaviours, all of which are outlined by the standard.

Gateway Transition:

The gateway transition signifies the conclusion of the on-programme learning phase, marking a crucial moment as apprentices prepare to embark on the End Point Assessment (EPA). At this stage, we collaborate with the apprentices, providing guidance and coaching, to determine their readiness to proceed. A collective evaluation involving Combe Grove, the training provider, and the apprentice culminates in a decision to progress to EPA.

This decision centres on various factors including:

End Point Assessment (EPA):

At Combe Grove, we approach the End Point Assessment with a comprehensive perspective, ensuring that our apprentices are prepared to excel. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of various aspects of their performance, with a focus on fostering their progression.

We assess the following evidence and provide steadfast support to enable our apprentices to thrive:

Our apprenticeship framework is designed to nurture rounded development, equipping apprentices to not only meet but exceed standards and expectations.

Combe Grove currently works with the following apprenticeship providers.

L2 Horticulture Apprentice

Work placements

Undertaking work placements during an apprenticeship at Combe Grove offers a remarkable opportunity for comprehensive professional development. Not only does it enable apprentices to expand their skill set and industry knowledge, but it also serves as a vital networking platform. Engaging in work placements allows apprentices to immerse themselves in the real-world dynamics of their chosen field, fostering a deeper understanding of industry practices and trends. These placements facilitate first-hand exposure to the intricacies of the industry, enhancing problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, networking with experienced professionals and mentors can open doors to invaluable connections that may shape future career prospects.