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The Naturopathic approach to health explores your mental/emotional, physical and biochemical health and how this in turn affects your vitality. Naturopathic treatments have been tailored to work with your programme here at Combe Grove and will last for up to one hour. Abdominal Massage – if you are struggling with feeling a level of constipation or bloating with the change in your diet, the Practitioner will work with abdominal massage to gently help your gut start moving. This is also a very calming treatment that may benefit you if you find stress goes to your gut. Practitioners will work with a combination of breathing techniques, Reiki, fascia release and massage to help you release that emotional tension you may be holding there. Lymphatic Cleansing Massage and Castor oil pack – supporting your lymphatic system and your liver. This treatment will start with the Practitioner using lymph pump and massage techniques to promote lymph flow and drainage before applying a castor oil pack over your liver area, gently supporting you if you are feeling any detox symptoms. Naturopathic Constitutional Hydrotherapy – this treatment involves using water as a healing medium. You will be lying on your back to start with while hot towels are applied to your abdomen. Cold linen is then applied and you are wrapped up cosy and warm as the body works to warm up the linen on your belly. The process is repeated on your lower back. This treatment improves circulation to the area with the change from a hot to a cold stimulus, encourages the immune system, helps to remove waste products from the body and sends more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues in the area. It is supportive for any gut or liver problems or lower back pain.

Lucy Peel

Lucy Peel – Naturopath

Lucy has a BSc in Naturopathy and an MSc in Nutritional Therapy. She is registered with the General Council and Register of Naturopaths (GCRN). As a Naturopath, Lucy uses a toolbox of treatments to help bring the body back into balance depending on the person’s health needs. This includes naturopathic nutrition, detoxing and cleansing, therapeutic massage, fascia release, breath work and breathing, lymphatic cleansing, naturopathic hydrotherapy, Bach Flower remedies, yoga and Reiki.

Book Naturopathy

All Practitioners Treatments | 60 minutes / £80.00

To book a practitioner treatment, please email welcome@combegrove.com or call us directly on 01225 834644