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Osteopathy supports and promotes the body’s remarkable abilities for self healing and self regulation. It can be applied to almost anything and anyone to facilitate optimal health and wellbeing.

Patients will have an opportunity to discuss pain management strategies and receive advice on exercise specific to their complaints.

Osteopathy looks at the biomechanics and dynamic equilibrium of how we move and hold ourselves in daily life, and sporting situations. The subtle and powerful cranial sacral approach seeks to balance the internal mechanisms of the fluids and tissues.

During the one hour session that includes an initial consultation, we will learn about what you wish to gain from treatment and how the Practitioner can help and support you. The Practitioner will agree on a treatment plan with you so that you will be fully involved and comfortable with the treatment. It’s best to wear loose, comfortable clothing, we might ask you to undress some items of clothing, if appropriate and if you feel comfortable with that

What should you wear for the treatment?

Loose light clothing, for example, t shirt and shorts or leggings. Patients often have to remove their top in order for the Practitioner to see their spine and adequately assess their posture, palpate their tissues and treat them.

Recommendation for treatment frequency

Frequency is dependent on symptoms and chronicity. A simple back sprain may take two treatments and disc problems can take up to ten treatments, as with chronic problems. The patients level of health, their age and stress levels also all have a bearing on how fast their body will heal.

What/who is the treatment beneficial for?

Anyone with aches and pains anywhere on their body. Most common conditions treated are; back pain, neck pain, pelvic pain, headaches, abdominal pain or shoulder pain.

How should clients prepare for the treatment?

If taking medication please bring an up to date list. Scan or x-ray reports are useful if they have them.

Oscar Marcus - Osteopath

Oscar Marcus – Osteopath

Oscar’s journey into the realm of healthcare began with a deep passion for movement, humbly inspired by the study of martial arts and Eastern philosophies.

Oscar’s ongoing commitment to learning and his dedication to helping others understand their bodies and their innate capacity for self-healing remain central to his mission. With reverence, he strives to empower individuals and animals to unlock their inherent potential for adaptation, self-healing, and wellbeing.

Victoria Kent – Osteopath

Victoria is an experienced osteopath with over 25 years of clinical expertise, who treats aches and pain anywhere on the body. 

Her treatment sessions focus on finding out why you are in discomfort and reducing future problems through gentle, effective, hands-on treatment.

Victoria draws on her extensive clinical experience and uses a diverse range of osteopathic modalities and techniques, including structural, cranial, visceral, and fascial release. 

One of Victoria’s core areas of interest is women’s health. Having treated women for nearly three decades she understands how complex womens’ lives can become and how this can affect their bodies, especially if they are facing common female health challenges. Her main objectives are to reduce her patients’ tension and pain, to build their resilience and to help their body thrive, whatever the ups and downs of life.

Victoria is registered with the General Osteopathic Council, is a member of the Sutherland Cranial College, the MNRI (Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration) College and The College of Non Musculoskeletal Osteopathy. She is also a Caesarian section scar release specialist. 

She is committed to her ongoing professional development and is currently in her final year of a post graduate diploma in Women’s Health.

General Osteopathic Council; reg number 3542.


I first consulted Victoria for a chronic headache I had for months. No-one else (GP, physio,massage therapist) had managed to help. Victoria’s treatment made a significant difference straight away. Since then I have continued to see her for various ailments and referred other members of my family and friends to see her. She is such an empathic, caring, knowledgable health professional and when in pain she is my and my family’s first port of call. MB

Having seen many different Osteopaths over the years, I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough. She has a diverse range of skills from light touch cranial work to structural and soft tissue treatment and dry needling. She combines all of her skills beautifully to provide a holistic treatment which has made immense improvement to my low back, neck and shoulders. Victoria is also able to give me  “homework” such as stretches to continue at home in order to make long-term improvements which I found very empowering. EH

Book Osteopathy

All Practitioners Treatments | 60 minutes / £80.00

To book a practitioner treatment, please email welcome@combegrove.com or call us directly on 01225 834644