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Kinesiology holistically communicates with each individual body. It identifies the root cause of imbalances within the body that lead to ill health. It can uncover nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, emotional stresses, energetic imbalances and structural misalignments. It is a powerful tool to restore health and wellbeing naturally. To gather information about the body, kinesiology uses gentle muscle biofeedback testing, a noninvasive technique to measure resistance and help inform what the body needs. Imbalances in the body are corrected by recommending nutritional supplements, flower remedies and lifestyle changes. During a session, you lie fully clothed on a massage couch while the Practitioner gently move your arms and legs to isolate and test certain muscles, thereby identifying what corrections need to be made to restore balance and health to your body. Emotional stress release techniques may be used and certain points on your body gently massaged or held. As part of the treatment, one or more of the 38 Bach flower remedies will be selected if needed to support emotional health. This selection is done entirely through muscle testing, so it is the client themselves selecting the remedy. The remedies are taken during the session and for a couple of weeks afterwards and often release stuck emotions, helping you move forwards with clarity and positivity.

Caroline Metz-Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner

Caroline Metz – Kinesiology and Reiki Practitoner

Caroline has a passion for natural health and the ability of the body to heal itself given the right tools and support. She is especially interested in how our emotions affect our physical health. Dedicated to prevention as well as alleviating conditions Caroline aims to provide you with information and to guide and support you to optimum health in a holistic way that works for you. Her approach is nonjudgemental, calm and compassionate.


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