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Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive energy healing therapy which eases stress and anxiety. It promotes relaxation, helping to restore the body and aid healing. “Ki” is energy, life force or “prana” and is acknowledged as a key element of health in many cultures. The system of Reiki originated in Japan. Used to enhance your body’s ability to cope with stress, Reiki can also be used preventatively. It can relieve pain and tension, boost immunity, enhance relaxation, improve sleep and even help tissue and bone repair. Reiki works alongside other medical and complementary treatments and helps to improve their efficacy. There are no known contra-indications. During a Reiki treatment, you lie fully-clothed on a massage couch (or you can sit in a chair if you prefer) the Practitioner places their hands palms-down on, or over, certain points on the body to enable energy to flow where it’s needed. There is no massage, pressure or manipulation. Reiki can help with any and all physical, emotional and mental ailments because it ensures the body is in a optimised state for healing.

Caroline Metz-Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner

Caroline Metz Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner

Caroline is a fully qualified Kinesiology and Reiki practitioner, certified by the Association of Systematic Kinesiology and the Shimbumi International Reiki Association.

By the power of touch, Caroline reads muscle imbalances within the body to ease the resulting physical and emotional symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, back problems, and lack of energy. The feedback received through the muscles indicates to Caroline what the body needs and where the priority areas are. Imbalances are then corrected using nutritional supplements, emotional stress release techniques, acupressure, Bach flower remedies, reflex massage, suggested lifestyle changes and more.


All Practitioners Treatments | 60 minutes / £80.00

To book a practitioner treatment, please email welcome@combegrove.com or call us directly on 01225 834644