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Complimentary Consultation

Are you curious about our Metabolic Health Retreat and how it can benefit you?

Schedule a 20 minute Discovery Call with one of our qualified Nutritionists or Dietitians to learn more about our programmes and discuss how our Programmes will help you achieve your health goals.

A Nutritionist or Dietitian will call you by Phone or Zoom at the selected time.

Book a Discovery Call with a Nutritionist

Rebecca specialises in metabolic health and leads our prediabetes and menopause retreats here at Combe Grove. She has worked in nutrition for over 20 years since graduating from the University of Surrey with a degree in nutrition and dietetics. Rebecca started her career researching low carbohydrate diets for weight loss and cardiovascular health and has since worked as both a research and clinical dietitian, supporting thousands of men and women throughout their health journeys. She is passionate about bringing the latest nutrition science into actionable and powerful changes people can make in their diet and lifestyles.
Oli has been practising combined healing for over thirty years after developing a holistic approach to health in 1991. As a qualified Nutritionist, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, and certified coach Oli uses his combined skills to support people in everyday life. With a rich history of working with food within the Bristol Food scene Oli brings this knowledge and experience to the table at Combe Grove, working closely with the kitchen garden and catering teams whilst also leading on cooking demonstrations and the meditation program. As a true advocate of the Five Roots of Metabolic Health, Oli believes we are all individual and unique, requiring individual protocols, plans and tools to achieve the best health and wellbeing possible.
Emma Patch Nutritionist
Emma gained her nutritional experience from working in the food industry. She has also worked with children aged between 5-15 and their families. Emma works across three different sections; leading the Dining Room Team, developing menus and updating nutritics with the Chefs and working with retreat clients on 1:1 consultations.
Cristy Dean Registered Dietitian
Cristy graduated from University with a first-class degree in Nutrition and Dietetics where she spent many years working in a range of NHS hospitals, supporting varied patient groups. Early in her career, she helped to facilitate a study 'Investigating the use of app-based dietetic support in the remission of Type 2 Diabetes', which produced favourable results.
Adam Johnston Nutritionist
The initial driving force behind Adam attending Ulster University to complete a BSc in Human Nutrition with 1st class honours and a subsequent MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition was a deep interest in both bodybuilding and combat sports. Both of which are heavily influenced and arguably won or lost in the kitchen.</p> <p>After graduating, Adam founded a company with his friend from University focusing on nutrition for elite level athletes and were fortunate to work with some of the best boxers in the UK. He then moved into performance coaching for individuals who wanted to change their physique and life. This evolved over years and grew to incorporate many of the principles taught at Combe Grove.
Carly Jones Nutritionist
Carly is a registered nutritionist with a first class degree in Human Nutrition and over 10 years’ experience in the food and nutrition industry. She loves supporting others to optimise their health and has a particular interest in managing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes after working as a health coach with NHS patients on the National Diabetes Prevention Programme for 4 years.</p> <p>Carly is experienced in helping individuals create personalised and sustainable lifestyle habits leading to positive long term changes. In 2020, she gained a diploma in cognitive behavioural therapy enabling her to provide psychological support to clients in overcoming challenges to change, and to help build a positive relationship with food and with themselves.
Anna Markussen Nutritionist
Anna, a clinical nutritionist of both Norwegian and French descent, is motivated by a profound passion for assisting others in making positive changes in their lives.</p> <p>Following graduation, Anna gained experience working in a hospital setting before dedicating several years to collaborating with Norwegian celebrity nutritionist Berit Nordstrand. In this role, she conducted online nutrition courses, crafted personalised meal plans, developed recipes, and authored nutrition articles for online platforms. Anna also served as a social media manager, effectively disseminating knowledge across various platforms.
Sarah Bayliss Nutritional Therapist
Sarah, a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Nutritional Genomics Practitioner, brings a wealth of expertise to the field of functional nutrition. As a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), a leading institute in the USA, she has successfully completed the Applying Functional Medicine In Clinical Practice (AFMCP) training.</p> <p>Over the past 5 years, Sarah has applied her knowledge and expertise in successfully managing a private practice in Bristol. Her specialisation encompasses metabolic health, energy management, stress, and gut health. Employing a personalised approach, she offers individualised nutrition coaching, conducts dynamic metabolic health workshops, and provides corporate workshops and nutrition training. Sarah frequently delivers presentations and talks to diverse audiences.

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