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Physiotherapy, dating back to 1896, has evolved into a diverse field covering a range of healthcare modalities. It emphasizes manual therapy, exercise, and holistic understanding of body movement. This comprehensive and individualised approach underscores physiotherapy’s commitment to improving mobility and overall well-being. In a standard Physiotherapy session, Barry will normally assess how you stand walk and balance, along with testing general muscle strength and flexibility, therefore dressing in clothing that allows him to clearly see areas of the body clearly is very useful (shorts and vest top are normally good). Following the assessment, you can look together with Barry, at what needs to be done and this can be a combination of manual therapy and exercise therapy.

What should people wear for the treatment?

It is recommended that client wear shorts and vest top.

What/who is your treatment beneficial for?


Jo Wilson Physiotherapist

Jo Wilson – Physiotherapist

Jo is a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 25yrs experience and specialises in Holistic Rehabilitation.  Through working in a variety of settings such as Mental Health, Outpatients, Palliative Care and the Military, she has developed a unique approach, that helps people achieve their potential following injury, illness or stress.

Being passionate about enhancing and facilitating the self-healing properties of the body Jo has undertaken additional training in CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Qi Gong and Mindful Movement & Medotation. Her treatments are tailored to the individual, helping reduce and manage symptoms whilst increasing body awareness.

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy – 54016



“Initially I went to Jo for some physio treatment but now I mostly have CranioSacral Therapy unless I need physio for a particular problem. I find it easy to discuss my symptoms as she listens carefully to my explanations. I really like the way Jo works and she is also very intuitive in her treatments. I know I always feel better after a treatment. In fact I’m not quite sure how I’d manage without her!”

“Jo is a consummate professional whose ‘magic hands’ diagnose the source of pain/discomfort and treats it accordingly. She approachable, sympathetic and I highly recommend her treatments”.

Book Physiotherapy

All Practitioners Treatments | 60 minutes / £80.00

To book a practitioner treatment, please email welcome@combegrove.com or call us directly on 01225 834644