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The Caff in the Courtyard at Combe Grove

Combe Grove The Caff in the Courtyard Shop Products
Combe Grove The Caff in the Courtyard Shop Products
The Caff in the Courtyard Shop Products - Cards

The Caff in the Courtyard is currently under renovation. Please visit The Map Room for all food and drinks.

We would like to welcome you to The Caff in the Courtyard – A space to grab a delicious salad, a vegan bake or choose from one of the many new food options.

During Combe Grove’s period of hibernation, the Estates Team have been working fervently on the land, preparing the beds ready for planting and harvesting this season’s produce. As a result, The Caff will be stocked full of local ingredients with many items on the menu sourced directly from Combe Grove’s estate. 

At Combe Grove, we recognise our environmental responsibilities. Our aim is to support the local community whilst keeping our carbon footprint low so we are striving to keep as much of our produce locally sourced as we can. 

In the perfect location to pick up a nutritious juice or tea post-exercise class or workout, The Caff is located in the Coach House. Once the sun begins to make more of a common appearance, The Caff will prove itself to be the ideal spot – directly between the wellness facilities and the outside seating where you can breathe, relax and take in the sublime views of rolling hills and woodland. 

The Caff in the Courtyard will also feature a shop with items that have been thoughtfully hand-picked by the team. We understand that it is important to reduce our impact on the environment meaning all items have been carefully chosen from responsible suppliers.

What does The Shop have in stock?

Here are just a few of the many items that The Shop at The Caff in the Courtyard has in stock.

  • Flourish Magazines
  • Fussles Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil
  • Sweet Bee Wraps – an alternative to clingfilm
  • 3 Tier Indian-Tiffin Stainless Steel Large Tiffin Lunch Box
  • Calming Candles
  • Wedgwood Birds 
  • Cards and Tea towels by Lucy Jane Illustrations. 
  • Bloom Magazine
  • Huskup reusable rice husk cups
Member Benefits from The Caff in the Courtyard

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 7.30am – 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am – 5pm

Members Benefits

One of the members benefits is 15% off food purchases in the cafe.

The Coach House has now reopened and it is wonderful to welcome you safely back to the indoor facilities. We continue to invite enquiries from new members to The Club at Combe Grove, so if you are interested in joining our community in support of your health and wellbeing, please do get in touch with the team by contacting newmemberships@combegrove.com. We also invite you to view the natural beauty of the 64 acre Combe Grove Estate on our social media channels.