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The Caff in the Courtyard Shop Products

The Caff in the Courtyard Shop Products

The shop at The Caff in the Courtyard is an evolving space where we will be extending our values in support of our ethos of sustainability. A careful curation of locally sourced and artisan products that sit alongside our own homegrown produce and nutritious food to give peace of mind that you are shopping by the values that matter to all of us within the Combe Grove community. When choosing our partners, we make sure that goods fit at least two of our five philosophies. These guide our thoughtful decision-making and help us select products that are sustainable, artisan and local.

Read our 5 philosophies 

Combe Grove The Caff in the Courtyard Shop Products Combe Grove The Caff in the Courtyard Shop Products The Caff in the Courtyard Shop Products

Flourish Magazine  

Designed by Bathonian Lucy Saunders, Flourish Magazine is a travel and lifestyle publication that is printed on FSC approved uncoated paper and printed using vegetable ink. We picked Flourish as it aligns with Combe Grove’s sustainability principles. Awarded the Creative Bath award for Best Start Up Business this brand showcases our beloved city of Bath in Volume 2 ‘A Snippet of Britain’, whilst Volume 4 ‘A Snippet of Nature’ has the best of British wildlife. 

Weaver Green Blankets 

Weaver Green rugs and blankets are made from recycled plastic bottles. We chose them specifically for their sustainability credentials, in particular the fact that the plastic is intercepted in the waste process from hospitality companies prior to arriving at landfill sites. The blankets are hand loomed by artisans and finished in Devon. Each blanket contains 300 recycled plastic bottles and are dyed using natural non-toxic dyes, for eco-friendly shopping.

Breathe Magazine 

Breathe Magazine is full of advice to help quieten the mind and is a “body-and-soul guide to a happier, healthier lifestyle”. The purpose of Breathe is to “make more time for yourself’” including a multitude of creative projects, illustrations, crafts, mindfulness and wellbeing articles. 

Indian-Tiffin Tins 

Taking a stand against single-use plastic, Indian-Tiffin Tins are a great stainless steel alternative. The three-tier tiffin tin that we have decided on offer has the maximum flexibility in a compact space. 

Bloom Magazine 

A magazine celebrating all things gardening and nature related, Bloom is packed with advice and inspiration for all year-round planting information. Each volume is unique with an exploration of the natural world and a celebration of the beauty in all green spaces, whether they’re in the countryside or the middle of the city, on your windowsill or in an allotment, highly groomed or utterly wild.

Lucy Jane Illustration Tea Towels & Cards 

Lucy is a Bath based illustrator who also works in the Marketing Department at Combe Grove. Her illustrations are inspired by nature and are printed onto materials that are UK based containing no harmful chemicals. Inks are synthetic and no animal products are used in their production. 

Ubiety Candles  

Ubiety is grown out of local charity Dorothy House Hospice Care’s passion for holistic health and wellbeing. Ubiety products are a collaboration between the Hospice’s Complementary Therapies Team and local businesses who share their values. All profits of Ubiety products support the end-of-life care that Dorothy House Hospice Care provides. 

The whole range is vegan, not using beeswax, and are sustainable using only natural ingredients to re-energise and relax the soul. 

BeesWax wraps 

Sweet Bee Wraps are handmade beeswax wraps from Oxfordshire. We picked these beeswax wraps as a plastic-free alternative to single use plastics such as clingfilm. This sustainable alternative has the ability to combat single use plastic environmental issues. Beeswax wraps keep food to stay fresher for longer, it is breathable and is antibacterial. 

To learn more about Combe Groves values, sustainability and green goals, visit our Green Policy and to visit the shop, find out how to get here.

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