The best tonic is exercise, in fresh air under a big sky.

Combe Grove is so much more than a hotel; we have 64 acres of outdoor space, providing endless options for exercise in the open air. Our Coach House offers an extensive programme of activities, classes, a fitness suite and dance studio. Members and guests can take themselves off and find a quiet space to clear their minds.

As the new Combe Grove, we are developing a commitment to helping our guests wind down whilst staying with us. We gently encourage you to take a little more care of yourself by helping you switch off so you can really nurture your mind, body and soul.

The range of facilities we offer ensures you will find an activity that you enjoy, but if sport, the gym or exercise classes are really not for you, take to your feet, walk through the trees, feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, breathe deeply and then tell us how you feel. Find the connection with nature, re-energise and create your own personal happy high, just for you.

Our facilities:

  • 64 acres of land to explore, amble, walk or run over
  • Gym, fitness suite and dance studio
  • Pools, indoor and outdoor
  • Tennis, indoor and outdoor
  • Steam room and Hydro-spa beds
  • Treatment rooms