The Metabolic Health Retreat – Prediabetes Focus

A one week metabolic health retreat designed to benefit clients with a diagnosis of prediabetes and strengthened with 51 weeks of online support for sustainable lifestyle change.


  • Three weeks of interactive online pre-stay preparation
  • Access to regular articles and videos
  • Our online Ask the Expert service to share experiences and gain advice from our consultants
  • 1:1 contact with our experts to assess your progress and guide you throughout the year
  • A one year membership of the Club with full access to the Estate and health and wellbeing facilities
  • Or if you live further afield, exclusive access to return to the Estate for a minimum three night stay at a discounted rate including all nutritious food and use of the health and wellbeing facilities.

Supported by Dr Campbell Murdoch, GP with a special interest in metabolic health and Type 2 diabetes.

Welcome to The Metabolic Health Retreat for Clients with Prediabetes 

Welcome to the Combe Grove Estate in Bath. An Estate in the true sense of the word, an area of land contained by boundaries with community and sustainability at its heart.

Located within 70 acres of wild woodland and meadow overlooking the green and rolling Limpley Stoke Valley, our vision is to combine the latest medical research and the restorative power of nature, to help you to reconnect with the needs of your mind and body. Additionally, situated just two miles from the centre of Bath, the UK’s only double-listed UNESCO World Heritage site, this is an ancient therapeutic landscape with healing waters and restorative powers at its core. 


A study using data collected by the Health Survey for England found that 35.3% of adults in the UK have prediabetes. Having carefully gathered clinically reviewed scientific evidence and working with leading medical and nutritional consultants, Combe Grove is passionate about supplementing the invaluable work the NHS is undertaking to address prediabetes and assist in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, we have carefully constructed the Metabolic Health Retreat with a focus on prediabetes which encompasses Combe Grove’s Five Roots of Metabolic Health, Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Mindset and Environment.

A diagnosis of prediabetes is made when the levels of sugar in your blood have reached a certain range (42-47 mmol/mol). If this is not addressed it is very common to progress to a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes (48> mmol/mol). Type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for many of the chronic diseases we face today and therefore comes at an increased risk of serious health concerns. These include nerve damage, kidney problems, vision loss and blindness, amongst others.

About the Retreat and Following Programme

By retreating into nature for a one week stay, you will be focusing on Combe Grove’s Five Roots to Metabolic Health which form the foundation of The Metabolic Health Retreat. Reaching a healthy balance in each of these areas assists you in regaining and maintaining homeostasis within your body and optimum metabolic health. 

Included Vouchers for 1:1 Consultations

To reset and restore balance for your mind and body, your stay includes three vouchers which are redeemable towards:

  • A consultation with a Nutritionist
  • A treatment with a Holistic Practitioner
  • An appointment with a Therapist
  • A session with an Exercise Coach

Activities Programme

The programme of activities focuses on increasing self-awareness and motivation to positively change your metabolic health. To enhance your understanding, our Nutritionists offer workshops that examine the science of how we metabolise food and practical demonstrations of healthy meals you can prepare at home. Whatsmore, you can take the opportunity to collect eggs from the chickens, harvest freshly grown produce and enjoy guided walks through the woodland of oaks and hazels.  

Please follow the link below to see an example of the activities programme.

Food and Nutrition

Consistently making informed choices around what to eat and drink can directly reduce blood sugar levels. To achieve this, the Combe Grove Healthy Eating Guidelines, developed by our Team of in-house nutrition experts, recommend a focus on real, seasonal, minimally processed food that is rich in protein and natural fats and low in carbohydrates.

The Programme also introduces you to the health benefits of time-restricted eating. 

For your week stay, you will enjoy a menu bursting with colourful, seasonal fare from Combe Grove’s own Kitchen Garden. Please visit the link below to view a sample menu. These menus are created using seasonal ingredients and therefore change regularly.

What facilities do we have?

Our gym, swimming pools and exercise studios, as well as walks in the 70 acre Estate grounds and surrounding area, provide you with the spaces to gently increase movement. Our Exercise Coaches collaborate with you to discover forms of movement that you enjoy and can apply at home. 

View all facilities here.

Your Year 

View the timeline here

Not only will you enjoy the abundance of The Estate, from the thriving Kitchen Garden to a reinvigorating dip in one of the swimming pools, but in the 48 weeks following your stay you will also receive invaluable online support, accessed via our online Portal, ranging from:

  • Delicious recipes with seasonal ingredients
  • Gentle activities to keep your body moving
  • Scheduled consultations with our Practice Team to discuss your progress and plan the next phases of your health journey


  • A one year membership of the Club with full access to the Estate and health and wellbeing facilities
  • or if you live further afield, exclusive access to return to The Estate for a minimum three night stay including all nutritious food and use of the included health and wellbeing facilities.

At Combe Grove, we understand that taking those first steps to transform your metabolic health can be daunting, but you can be reassured that our excellent Practice Team of Nutritionists, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and therapists will ensure that you are given full support across all Five Roots and that your year on the programme is inspiring, motivating and enjoyable. 


Prices for the Metabolic Health Retreat and one-year programme start from £2,600. We appreciate that the retreat may be more enjoyable if you can bring your life partner with you as a guest. We are delighted to be able to offer this as an option for you. Your non-prediabetic life partner may attend for an additional charge of £600.

Room types and prices

We are excited to welcome you to the Combe Grove Estate. A place of purpose, learning and nourishment. A place to feel held whilst you rest, restore and reset.

Please ring 01225 834 644 (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm) or email to speak to a member of our Team and register your interest.

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