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Live Longer. Live Better.

Reset your mind and body whilst held in nature with a one week Prediabetes Retreat

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Medically Measurable

Developed in association with leading medical, nutritional and movement specialists.

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Nutritious Food & Drink

Enjoy a low-carb menu bursting with colourful, seasonal fare from Combe Grove’s own Kitchen Garden

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One Year of Support

One year of online suport with our experts to assess your progress and guide you in reversing your prediabetes.

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The Metabolic Health Prediabetes Retreat

A one week prediabetes retreat designed to benefit clients with a diagnosis of prediabetes and strengthened with one year of online support for sustainable lifestyle change.


1 Year


6 Nights




Hear From Our Clients

Hear From Our Clients

Recommended for


For people with a diagnosis of prediabetes.


People who are showing symptoms such as fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog, low energy levels or high blood pressure.

One of our Returners Metabolic Health Retreat Returners receiving a Accuniq body composition measurement analysis

People who want to achieve measurable, sustainable lifestyle change.

“I feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes”

Brian | December 2022

Useful Information

Your six night prediabetes programme includes:

  • Your accommodation, picked from a range of beautifully appointed options and personalised with Pukka Teas and UK sourced oils for your health goals
  • A comprehensive health check
  • A full and varied daily programme of workshops, talks and activities created by experts to help you discover everything you need for your personal health goals
  • Finding out how the Five Roots link to glucose control and learn how to use biofeedback tools to help you take control of your glucose variability.
  • Inspirational talk by Katie & Giancarlo Caldesi
  • Three meals per day, beginning with dinner on your day of arrival, through to brunch on your day of departure
  • Three credits that can be used towards a: – Consultation with a Nutritionist – One-to-one session with an Exercise Coach – Treatment with a Holistic Practitioner
  • Introduction to the health benefits of time-restricted eating
  • Individual nutrition check-ins during your stay to discuss health checks, get new ideas, share wins and talk through challenges.
  • Unlimited use of Combe Grove facilities and the extensive range of mindset and movement classes

The hardest part is sustaining lifestyle change when you get home. This is why, unique from all other health retreats, you will also receive one year of invaluable online support, accessed through your online portal.

This support starts three weeks prior to your stay to help prepare you to get the most from your Prediabetes programme. This continues for 48 weeks of support after your stay to help you translate what you’ve learnt to home and to support you in building sustainable, healthy new habits. This includes weekly updates with information, tips and recipes to help you on your journey. Whatsmore, you will also receive regular blood tests (at 6 points through the year) to see the true impact of the changes made and individual nutrition check-ins during your stay to get new ideas, share wins, talk through challenges and help you through the ups and downs of making lifestyle changes.

To assist you in achieving equilibrium within your Five Roots, you will also be invited to enjoy a one-year membership of the Club with its state-of-the-art gym, a wide range of classes, selection of rejuvenating treatments and therapies and a seasonal and sustainable menu. If you are not local, you may like to visit us for a day throughout the year, or on a returner stay to keep yourself accountable.

Activities Programme

The prediabetes programme of activities focuses on restoring the balance between the five roots of Metabolic Health whilst increasing self-awareness and motivation to positively change your metabolic health. To enhance your understanding, our Nutritionists offer workshops that examine the science of how we metabolise food and practical demonstrations of healthy meals you can prepare at home. The programme also includes a variety of exercise taster sessions, designed to be as peaceful or invigorating as you choose. Whatsmore, you can take the opportunity to collect eggs from the chicken coop, harvest freshly grown produce and enjoy guided walks through the woodland of oaks and hazels.

Combe Grove Facilities

Throughout the year of your programme, you will have full use of our facilities including:

  • Gym with innovative equipment that harvests energy to reduce our carbon footprint
  • 65 weekly movement classes
  • Heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Two Saunas and one steam room
  • Four Hydro beds
  • Two Indoor and two Outdoor Tennis courts
  • Three Exercise studios
  • Access to our 70-acre Estate grounds, providing you with the spaces to gently increase movement.

To reset and restore balance for your mind and body, your stay includes three credits that can be used for a

  • Consultation with a Nutritionist
  • One to one session with an Exercise Coach
  • Treatment with a Holistic Practitioner practising in Acupuncture, Counselling/Psychotherapy, Cranial Sacral Osteopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Structural Integration, Naturopath, Physiotherapy, Reflexology or Shiatsu
  • Appointment with a Therapist for a body treatment.

The Metabolic Health Prediabetes UK retreat at Combe Grove is unique in the way it combines meticulous medical assessment and regular measurement of core health metrics with an array of therapies and treatments designed to fully address the holistic promotion of wellness within you.

From first contact to full health audit to programme completion, our qualified nutritionists are present to discuss and advise on suitability and personalisation within the Metabolic Health Programme.

Glucose Monitors

Continuous glucose monitors will be provided for the first month to enable you to discover how your body responds to different food, sleep, stress, movement and other daily triggers.


The Accuniq machine is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive body composition measurement device, which delivers a full and accurate profile of your skeletal mass, lean muscle mass and fat mass. Through a series of one-to-one consultations, our expert Coach House nutritionists use these measurements to guide you to reaching your body composition goals.

hbA1C and Cholesterol Blood checks

Each guest has their blood tested for a series of predispositions, from Diabetes to critical aspects of heart health and performance. Our checks also monitor Cholesterol levels, providing vital information that is actionable towards mitigation and remedy on your health journey.

IR Health Check

Combe Grove GPs and registered Nurses are present at every step within your journey towards improved metabolic health and optimal wellness. All guests receive comprehensive health assessments that confidentially feed into the personalised programmes developed at Combe Grove. Our IR (Insulin Resistance) Health Check is designed to assess key denotations of metabolic health.

Personal sessions

From weight loss to core strength, our team of expert medical professionals, dieticians, nutritionists and movement specialists will identify and develop bespoke approaches to assist physical and mental development towards achievable wellness goals.

One of our Returners Metabolic Health Retreat Returners receiving a Accuniq body composition measurement analysis

Consistently making informed choices around what to eat and drink can directly reduce blood sugar levels. To achieve this, the Combe Grove Healthy Eating Guidelines, developed by our Team of in-house nutrition experts, recommend a focus on real, seasonal, minimally processed food that is rich in protein and natural fats and low in carbohydrates.

The Programme also introduces you to the health benefits of time-restricted eating.

For your six night stay, a menu of nourishing, real food bursting with colourful, seasonal fare from Combe Grove’s own Kitchen Garden and local suppliers will be included.

These menus are created using seasonal ingredients and therefore change regularly. View a sample menu here.

Nutrition demo at Combe Grove
A mustard yellow plate on a table covered in a white tablecloth. On the plat is cooked mushrooms on sourdough toast with blue cheese on top and a side of salad.
Buckwheat noodle dish
The Orangery for dining in the Main House

The Rooms

Nestled in 70 acres of verdant woodland with outstanding views across the Limpley Stoke Valley, Combe Grove is a stone’s throw from the city of Bath, known for its healing waters and hot springs.

Located next to The Main House, The Barn includes a range of quiet rooms with views of The Estate. Your time here will leave you serene and rejuvenated.

To enrich your experience your calming rooms will be tailored to you with carefully selected herbs and oils that reflect your chosen root.

Guests going on a walk of Bath's skyline


Working with leading medical and nutritional experts, including Dr Campbell Murdoch, renowned for his work in the field of metabolic health, the Metabolic Health Retreat has been specifically formulated to address the five roots of Metabolic Health:

Nutrition | Movement | Sleep | Mindset | Environment

On the Metabolic Health Retreat, you will have the time to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, away from the busyness of everyday life.



A study using data collected by the Health Survey for England found that 35.3% of adults in the UK have prediabetes.

Having carefully gathered clinically reviewed scientific evidence and working with leading medical and nutritional consultants, Combe Grove is passionate about supplementing the invaluable work the NHS is undertaking to address prediabetes and assist in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

At Combe Grove, we understand that taking those first steps to transform your metabolic health can be daunting, but you can be reassured that our excellent Practice Team of Nutritionists, Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and therapists will ensure that you are given full support across all Five Roots and that your year on the programme is inspiring, motivating and enjoyable.


Retreat Timetable

Download the full 12-month programme timetable.


Retreat Brochure

Download the Metabolic Health Retreat Brochure