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A Summary of the Review in The Telegraph

In this blog post of the review as published in The Telegraph, we summarise Travel and Hotel Reviewer Fiona Duncan’s experience whilst staying with us on the Metabolic Health Retreat in early 2023.

A summary of the review in The Telegraph as written by Katy Lewis

Combe Grove, located in Bath, is the UK’s first medi-spa, offering a Metabolic Health Retreat to address prediabetes and promote overall health. Owned by Helen Aylward Smith, the Centre of Health and Wellbeing combines medical expertise with a more British approach to health. Dr Campbell Murdoch, a metabolic health expert, plays a crucial role in the retreat’s success.

The Georgian Manor set in 70 acres of woodland provides a serene and elegant backdrop for the programme. Guests undergo a comprehensive preparation process, including health forms, blood tests, and nutrition consultations. The retreat focuses on the “Five Roots“: nutrition, movement, sleep, environment, and mindset, aiming to combat insulin resistance and improve overall health.

Throughout the week, participants engage in workshops on each root, fostering camaraderie and support among the group. The programme is not solely about weight loss but aims to reset metabolism and encourage healthy eating habits. Instead of alcohol, guests enjoy refreshing Pentire botanicals and indulge in delicious, nourishing meals with ample choices.

The value for money at Combe Grove is considered fair, with one-to-one consultations with experts and holistic treatments included. The blend of conventional and alternative medicine allows for a comprehensive approach to health.

At the end of the retreat, each guest receives a personalised plan and attends a Mindset workshop to solidify their resolve. The programme’s thoughtful design also provides time for exercise, meditation, and leisure activities like swimming and woodland walks. The experience is described as instructive, life changing, and enjoyable.

Fiona Duncans’s experience reflects the retreat’s success: after three months, she has seen significant improvements in her health, with normalised blood pressure, weight loss, and increased energy levels. The retreat empowered her to take control of her health and embrace a more mindful lifestyle.

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