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A summary of Jane Alexander’s Condé Nast Traveller Review of the Metabolic Health Retreat

At Combe Grove, a centre for health and wellbeing located in the serene outskirts of Bath, we have captured the attention of wellness enthusiasts seeking transformative experiences. In this blog post, we present a summarised account of Jane Alexander’s review of her stay at Combe Grove, as featured in Conde Nast Traveller. Jane joined us for the Metabolic Health Retreat in April 2023. Her experience sheds light on the unique and revolutionary approach to optimal wellbeing by focusing on improved metabolic health.


A summary of Jane Alexander’s Review, as written by Katy Lewis


Jane Alexander embarked on a transformative journey at Combe Grove, a centre dedicated to empowering guests with the knowledge, tools, and encouragement to bring about significant changes in their overall wellbeing. Combe Grove seeks to educate and inspire, surpassing the traditional spa or retreat concept.


At the core of Combe Grove’s philosophy lies metabolic health, considered the “engine of life.” Addressing metabolic health brings about significant benefits, from preventing the onset of inflammatory illnesses to achieving weight balance, radiant skin, and an uplifted mood. Each day at Combe Grove begins with a walk through the Estate’s flourishing woodland and meadow, resetting Circadian rhythms and invigorating the body.


Combe Grove’s wellness concept is meticulously developed in consultation with leading medical and nutritional experts. Dr Campbell Murdoch, a consultant GP at Combe Grove, emphasises the importance of metabolic health, highlighting that it can always be measured, improved and sustained. The programme focuses on Five Roots of Metabolic Health including nutrition, advocating for real food high in quality protein and balanced healthy fats. Time-restricted eating (TRE) is implemented, allowing an eight-hour window for meals, optimising repair mode, reducing blood pressure, and remediating insulin sensitivity. Combe Grove also encourages movement, mindset, sleep, and environment, providing informative sessions supported by scientific research.


Complementary therapies at Combe Grove aim to enrich the healing journey, with treatments including Osteopathy, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Myofascial release, Emotional Freedom Technique, Kinesiology, Reiki, Naturopathy, and Herbal Medicine. The skilled Practitioners at Combe Grove are experts in their field.


What sets Combe Grove apart is the programme’s length and steadfastness. The retreat encompasses a three-week preparation, followed by a week-long retreat on the Estate. Afterwards, guests receive 48 weeks of online guidance, encouragement, and health checks, including six blood tests to monitor progress. Combe Grove also provides a reduced rate for returners and includes a year’s membership to the Club, making it an enticing opportunity for the local community.


Jane Alexander’s review of Combe Grove’s Metabolic Health Retreat highlights the unique nature of the programme, where guests are empowered to revolutionise their health and wellbeing through a focus on metabolic health. Combe Grove’s commitment to sustainability and its visionary approach to wellness make it a transformative experience. 

Read the full review here.


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