Metabolic Reset Programme

The Combe Grove Estate Team are delighted to announce that as of June 2022 we will be offering a Metabolic Reset Programme for clients with prediabetes.

Professionally designed to provide knowledge, skills, and support to empower prediabetic clients to make sustainable lifestyle choices to delay or prevent the onset of diabetes. This carefully constructed one year programme includes a one week stay on The Combe Grove Estate and 51 weeks of structured online support. 

Supported by Dr Campbell Murdoch, GP with a special interest in metabolic health and Type 2 diabetes.

The Programme will include:

* Three weeks of interactive online pre-stay preparation.

* A 6 night stay at The Combe Grove Estate.

* 48 weeks of online support, provided by the Combe Grove Team, to reinforce sustained lifestyle change.

Many people are being advised by their Doctor that they are prediabetic. Prediabetes indicates a higher than normal blood sugar level and a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Given the serious health implications of diabetes, anyone who is advised that they are prediabetic is encouraged to make lifestyle changes to reduce these risks and thus increase their chances of enjoying a longer and more enjoyable life.

Based on clinically reviewed scientific evidence, the Programme is professionally designed around a one week stay held within our beautiful, wooded Estate. This allows clients to retreat from everyday life and to focus on developing an understanding of the five roots of metabolic health, whilst enjoying activities that promote health and wellbeing. 

What’s included in the Metabolic Reset Programme?


The Programme will commence three weeks before the date of your stay. A welcome webinar will introduce you to members of our Team, start you on your journey to changes in your lifestyle and point you to the exclusive resources available online.

One-week Stay

At Combe Grove, we believe there are five key roots to achieving lasting good health. These roots are Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Mindset and Environment. Carefully designed by Nutritionists and experts, in the fields of mindfulness, exercise and sleep, the one week Stay will give you the opportunity to identify the areas that need improvement within your own five roots. It will develop your understanding of your own motivations and the constructive mindset for achieving and sustaining healthy habits to last a lifetime.

The stay includes all nourishing food, full access to the Wellness Facilities, and a regularly updated timetable of mindful and educational activities in support of your health and wellbeing. 


For the 48 weeks after your Stay, you will receive access to regular articles and videos covering metabolic health. Our online Ask the Expert service will enable you to share experiences and gain advice from our experts.

Metabolic Reset Programme Food

Consistently making helpful choices around what to eat and drink can directly reduce blood sugar. To achieve this, the Combe Grove Food Ethos, developed by our team of in-house nutrition experts, recommend a focus on real, minimally processed food that is low in carbohydrate.

During your stay, our Kitchen team will prepare meals in accordance with these guidelines with many of the ingredients being sourced from our own Kitchen Garden. The programme will also introduce you to the health benefits of time-restricted eating. To enhance your understanding, our team of nutrition experts will offer workshops that look at the science of how we metabolise food and practical demonstrations of healthy meals you can prepare at home.

Combe Grove Facilities

Our gym, swimming pools and exercise studios, as well as walks in the 70 acre Estate grounds and surrounding area, provide lots of opportunities for you to gently increase your movement. Our team of fitness and exercise experts will help you to find forms of movement that you enjoy and which you can carry on when you return home. You will be offered the opportunity to join small groups to sample classes which you have not previously experienced.


Some of the facilities we offer include: 

– A Nature-inspired gym

– Indoor swimming pool (17.5m long, 7m wide and 1.5m deep throughout)

– Heated outdoor swimming pool, open all year round (15m long and 4m wide)

– Outdoor and covered tennis courts

– Steam Rooms, sauna and Hydro-spa beds

Activities Programme

 To nurture your mindset root, we will provide a Programme of mindful and creative activities throughout your stay. You will also be able to enjoy treatments and therapies including massage and other holistic practices offered by our own team of therapists and a group of experienced independent practitioners.

Included Vouchers for 1:1 Sessions

Your stay includes three vouchers which are redeemable towards:

– A session with an exercise coach

– A session with a nutritionist

– A session from our treatments menu

– 50% of a holistic practitioner

Programme Prices and Room Types


Prices start from £2,600 for the one year Programme.

We know that joining such a Programme may be more enjoyable if you can bring your life partner with you as a guest. We are delighted to be able to offer this as an option for you. Your non-prediabetic life partner may attend for an additional charge of £600.


Retreat DateBooking close date
6th June9th May - Bookings Closed
20th June23rd May - Bookings Closed
27th June30th May - Bookings Closed
11th July13th June
18th July20th June
25th July27th June
1st August4th July
8th August11th July

We understand that this lifestyle reassessment can perhaps be a daunting prospect. We will be by your side for the next year, helping you to take the necessary steps to improve your health.

To make lasting changes to lifestyle, it is essential to foster a positive and realistic mindset through the identification of achievable goals. This Programme will give you the opportunity to develop your understanding of your own motivations and the constructive mindset for achieving and sustaining healthy habits to last a lifetime.

We are excited for this journey to evolve The Combe Grove Estate into a place of purpose, learning and nourishment. A place where individuals feel held whilst they rest, restore, and reset.

This is an initial insight into what we will be offering. Please ring 01225 834 644 (Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm) or email to speak to a member of our specialist team and register your interest.

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