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Live Longer. Live Better.

An empowering menopause retreat for women experiencing menopause to prioritise health, manage symptoms and feel supported.

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Holistic Therapies & Treatments

Choose from a wide selection of treatments and therapies to suit your personal health and wellbeing needs

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Nutritious Food & Drink

Enjoy a low-carb menu bursting with colourful, seasonal fare from Combe Grove’s own Kitchen Garden

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One Year of Support

One year of online suport with our experts for continued guidance for sustained health and wellbeing.

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Learn to Love Movement

Experience group classes and one to one sessions to establish where you find joy in movement.

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Recommended for


Women who are experiencing perimenopause or menopause, who want to reset and take space/time for themselves in a flourishing and calm environment.


Women who want to tune in to what their body is telling them, rebalance, and work with their body to feel their best.


Women who are experiencing debilitating symptoms such as mood swings, body composition changes, hormonal imbalances, anxieties, aches and other perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms.

“I came feeling frazzled, I’m leaving feeling relaxed and wanting more. It’s given me my mojo back.”

Useful Information

The six-night retreat includes:

  • Bright and airy accommodation with personalised Pukka teas and oils for your specific health goals
  • A comprehensive health check
  • A varied daily programme of workshops, talks, and activities tailored to personal health goals
  • Metabolic Health Discovery Session with Dr Campbell Murdoch
  • Menopause Discovery Sessions with experts such as Dr Rebekah Gibbons and Tessa Barnard
  • Workshops and taster sessions such as yoga for menopause symptoms, cooking workshops using foods helpful for hormone balance and mindset workshops focusing on stress management
  • An insight into your metabolic health with blood tests specific for this life stage – you will be offered repeated tests including in the programme price to allow you to see the impact of the changes you make
  • Inspiring talks to discover how the Five Roots of Metabolic Health could help manage the changes and symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause
  • Three nourishing meals per day, prepared by our chefs Marco and Rachel.
  • Three credits to be used for a one to one session with a nutritionist, a massage with one of our therapists and a treatment with a practitioner
  • Individual nutrition check-ins
  • Unlimited access to Combe Grove’s facilities and mindset/ movement classes.

Maintaining lifestyle changes at home can be challenging, which is why this health retreat offers a unique one-year online support program through your online portal. This support begins three weeks prior to the stay and continues for 48 weeks after.

This includes:

  • One year of online support to continue to empower you with the tools and information to help balance your hormones and support your health and wellbeing
  • Weekly updates with information, tips, and recipes
  • Regular blood tests throughout the year to monitor success and changes.
  • One to one check ins with a member of the nutrition team
  • One-year membership to the Club at Combe Grove with its state-of-the-art gym, tennis, swimming pools and a wide range of classes

Activities Programme

The activities programme at Combe Grove aims to restore balance in the Five Roots of Metabolic Health and increase self-awareness for positive change. Nutritionists offer workshops that examine the science of how we metabolise food and practical demonstrations of healthy meals you can prepare at home, while exercise taster sessions cater to varying energy levels.

You may also take the opportunity to collect eggs from the chicken coop, harvest freshly grown produce and enjoy guided walks through the woodland of oaks and hazels.

The sessions are a chance to become part of a community of like minded individuals, share your experiences, challenges and wins whilst benefitting from the learnings of others.

Combe Grove Facilities

Combe Grove provides an oasis from the busyness of everyday life and opens the opportunity to take space and time for yourself in a serene, calm environment.

Throughout the year of your programme, you will have full use of our facilities including:

  • Gym with innovative equipment that harvests energy to reduce our carbon footprint
  • 65 weekly movement classes
  • Heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Two Saunas and one Steam Room
  • Four Hydro beds
  • Two indoor and two outdoor Tennis Courts
  • Three Exercise Studios
  • Access to our 70-acre Estate grounds, providing you with the spaces to gently increase movement

To reset and restore balance for your mind and body, your stay includes three credits that can be used for a

  • Consultation with a Nutritionist
  • One to one session with an Exercise Coach
  • Treatment with a Holistic Practitioner practising in Acupuncture, Counselling/Psychotherapy, Cranial Sacral Osteopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Structural Integration, Naturopath, Physiotherapy, Reflexology or Shiatsu
  • Appointment with a Therapist for a body treatment.

Combe Grove’s Metabolic Health Programme is a unique UK offering that combines thorough medical assessments with a range of therapies to promote holistic wellness.

Combe Grove GPs and registered Nurses are present at every step within your journey towards improved metabolic health and optimal wellness.

  • The Accuniq machine is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive body composition measurement device, which our expert nutritionists use to guide you towards your body composition goals
  • HbA1C blood tests to measure metabolic health and insulin resistance, including blood glucose tests, providing vital information. Our checks also monitor Cholesterol levels, providing vital information that is actionable towards mitigation and remedy on your health journey
  • IR Health Check – All guests receive comprehensive health assessments that confidentially feed into the personalised programmes developed at Combe Grove. Our IR (Insulin Resistance) Health Check is designed to assess key denotations of metabolic health
  • Personal sessions – From weight loss to core strength, our team of expert medical professionals, dieticians, nutritionists and movement specialists will identify and develop bespoke approaches to assist physical and mental development towards achievable wellness goals.
One of our Returners Metabolic Health Retreat Returners receiving a Accuniq body composition measurement analysis

During your six-night stay at Combe Grove, you will be provided with a menu that offers a variety of delicious, whole foods sourced from the Kitchen Garden at Combe Grove and local suppliers. The menu will include nutritionally balanced meals to support metabolic health, with a focus on foods and nutrients to support the journey through menopause. Additionally, the programme will familiarise you with the benefits of time-restricted eating. All of our menus are based on seasonal and local ingredients and therefore change regularly.

Nutrition demo at Combe Grove
A mustard yellow plate on a table covered in a white tablecloth. On the plat is cooked mushrooms on sourdough toast with blue cheese on top and a side of salad.



A one-week Metabolic Health Retreat for Menopause and one year of expert support to sustain lifestyle changes.