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5 recommended reads – September edition

5 recommended reads – September edition. This month’s recommended reads are focused on creativity in nature.

Creativity Through Nature Ann Blockley

From connecting to the landscape through the materials it provides, playing, or reusing old archival paintings, Ann Blockley reconnects us with nature through creativity. This is an inspiring book following a period of lockdown where the idea of creativity helped many, and how we can aspire to connect deeper with creativity and nature as we return to a “new normal”.

The Nature of Play Fanny and Alexander

When was the last time you stopped, observed, noticed

Stripping our lives back to the bare bones of nature can be hard in a technologically advanced society yet The Nature of Play offers simple seasonal activities for everyone no matter where you live.

Be that fun games, enjoying the purity of stargazing, hosting summer parties, to weaving baskets this book is the adult’s version of play.

The Nature Fix Florence Williams

Sala is the director of National Geographic’s Pristine Florence Williams in her book ‘The Nature Fix’ states her reasoning of why the outdoors and nature makes us happier, healthier and more creative. In the compelling book we find out about the science behind nature’s positive effects on the brain whilst exploring the idea of forest bathing and the eco- therapeutic approach to caring.

Conscious Creativity Philippa Stanton

Conscious Creativity is a book that allows you to fully envelop yourself within art to fully connect with creativity. It will allow you to think of the mundane everyday in a way you have not done so before and allow you to connect to the natural part of your creative practices.

Philippa Stanton has made this book burst at the binding with colour and you will be left encouraged to go and create!

Contemporary Flowers in Mixed Media Soraya French

Have you ever wanted to experiment with paint or learn how to paint flowers? Within Soraya French’s book ‘Contemporary Flowers in Mixed Media’, this is a how-to guide teaching colours, shapes, patterns and textures of petals and foliage. Explore colours of subtle tints to hues of natural greens to express rhythm and movement.

If you enjoyed this month’s recommended reads, then you can find more recommended reads by visiting our Journal. Leave a comment on our social media if you picked up a copy of one of these books. We would love to hear your book review!

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