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5 recommended reads – July edition

5 recommended reads – July edition. This month’s recommended reads are focused on nature and the countryside. We hope that you enjoy it.

Walking the Invisible by Micheal Stewart

Inspired by the three Brontë sisters, Michael Stewart follows in their footsteps in, ‘Walking the Invisible’, which takes the reader on a journey across the landscape that shaped the Brontë family as society knows them today. This is a walk by Michael Stewart but one in which the reader can see through the Brontës families eyes. This book showcases the wilderness of the moors, geographical and social aspects in a creative yet non-fictional account.

Afoot and Lighthearted by Bonnie Smith Whitehouse

‘Afoot and Lighthearted’ is more of an interactive journal rather than a story book but is a beautiful log book for mindful walkers with the aim that everything can be solved by walking. This book offers the reader a sense of place, well-being, attention, exploration, devotion and finally transcendence and gratitude within the landscape. Walking and journalling brings together both body, your mind, and the natural world all in one place.

Creative Countryside Magazine

Creative Countryside Magazine embodies the whole earth and how creativity and soulful living is rooted into this. ‘Emerge’ is the 7th issue of Creative Countryside bringing with it escaping the norm, tracking the seasons, moving from the city, re-emerging ways to connect with the natural world and awakening to the light.

The Country of Larks by Gail Simmons

Following in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson and the footprint of HS2, Gail Simmons travels by foot the same distance, observing the natural world commenting on the flora, fauna, upon rural living and the surrounding villages. In Country of Larks, Gail Simmons examines every detail of the walk and relates this back emotively to how she has a deeper connection that she ever thought to the place.

‘I might have left long ago’ she says, ‘but this place still matters to me’.

The Summer Isles: A Voyage of the Imagination by Philip Marsden

‘The Summer Isles: A Voyage of the Imagination’ is a profound personal and intimate story of Philip Marsden as he sails single-handed up the west coast of Ireland to Northern Scotland. This book is both a journey to mystical lands and a travelogue wrapped up in an evocative and educational story.

If you enjoyed ‘5 recommended reads – July edition’ then you can find more recommended reads by visiting our April edition. Leave a comment on our social media if you picked up a copy of one of these books. We would love to hear your book review!

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