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5 recommended reads – August edition

5 recommended reads – August edition. This month’s recommended reads are filled with children’s nature literature that you can enjoy with your little ones this summer holiday.

Our garden birds Matt Sewell

‘Our Garden Birds – A bird for every week of the year’ is a pop-art illustrative guide to 52 garden birds, one for every week of the year. Each illustration comes with its own quirky description that is descriptive and also delightfully distinctive allowing you to spot each bird’s own characteristics. This is a book not only for children but adults, and those with a passion for illustration and art.

Rewild Yourself Simon Barnes

When was the last time you stopped, observed, noticed and embraced yourself in the nature around you? From the sound of running water, bird song, or wind in the trees, this is a book that features 23 ways to rewild yourself back to nature. For anyone who wants to get closer to nature, this is the ideal book for them no matter the age. Start to open yourself back up to nature.

The nature of nature Enric Sala

Sala is the director of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project and the author of the manifesto ‘The Nature of Nature – Why we need the wild’. This book explored what makes a healthy ocean ecosystem, crop diversity, monoculture farming and planetary abundance and how protecting nature is not only for our survival but also is better for the economy. This is a book that will change the way you see the future.

The lost words
Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris

‘The Lost Words’ is an enchanting collection of words from the award-winning author Robert Macfarlane and exquisite illustrations by Jackie Morris. Its aim is to bring nature back to the forefront of children’s imaginations in a celebration of everything within nature through lyrical poetry.

101 things to do with a stick on the beach Matt Stone

It all started with boredom on the beach and the inventive nature of parent and author, Matt Stone planning 101 things to do with a stick on the beach. From long jump markings, sumo wrestling to guided house tours, there are more things to do with a stick on the beach than you can imagine. Get inventive and have fun whilst immersed in nature.

If you enjoyed ‘5 recommended reads – July edition’ then you can find more recommended reads by visiting our April edition. Leave a comment on our social media if you picked up a copy of one of these books. We would love to hear your book review!

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