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5 recommended reads – May edition

5 recommended reads – May edition. This month’s recommended reads are focused on nutrition and integral health. We hope that you enjoy it.

The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer

Have you ever felt an anxious feeling in your stomach? or if you are stressed do you suddenly feel
unwell? In ‘The Mind-Gut Connection’, Emeran Mayer explores these deep rooted complexities
where the body can sometimes act faster than the mind. The book explores the role of stress on
gastrointestinal illnesses and cognitive disorders, how nutrition has an impact on our bodies, the
gut and brain-development in children, and how we can listen to the signs and signals are body is
showing us to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Food Pharmacy: A Guide to Gut Bacteria, Anti-Inflammatory Foods, and Eating for Health
by Lina Aurell and Mia Clase

‘Food Pharmacy’ is a book that showcases the best of eating healthy, simple ingredients to help
combat illness and treating food as medicine. This book will help revitalise and restore your body’s
health, helping you learn why we should be consuming and not consuming certain types of foods.
It suggests how some foods are natural anti-inflammatory and how to regulate our immune system.
After reading this book you will be left with a complete guide to reset your body.

Intuitive Fasting by Dr Will Cole

This book allows fasting to be accessible for everyone, exploring and underpinning the health
benefits that fasting can achieve when done in a safe and controlled manner. This is a road map,
giving you both the knowledge and deep understanding of fasting and its origins, as well as a flexible
fasting plan to reset, recharge, renew, and rebalance your health. This book dispels the notions of
fasting as a negative and shows how intermittent fasting is about eating less, not dieting.

The Art of Clear Thinking by Patrick King

Do you ever wake up and feel as if you need a cup of coffee before you can clear your thoughts? Or do
you get stuck with small-talk in conversations and not know what to say? In this book Patrick King
delves in to ‘The Art of Clear Thinking’ by understanding why we jump to certain conclusions and
why we evaluate situations in a certain way. This then allows his readers to become more insightful,
think independently and prepare for any social situation.

Fast Asleep: How to get a really good night’s rest
by Dr Michael Mosely

In ‘Fast Asleep’ Dr Michael Mosley explores why people can find sleeping so difficult, what causes
these problems and how people can overcome them. This is not just about focusing on a remedy, this
is about Dr Michael Mosley’s life. How from first hand experience and research has led to insights
of the science behind sleep, before later in the book he explores how as a reader you can have a better
night sleep.

If you enjoyed ‘5 recommended reads – May edition’ then you can find more recommended reads by visiting our April edition. Leave a comment on our social media if you picked up a copy of one of these books. We would love to hear your book review!

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