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Volunteer at Combe Grove

Make a change for a positive world and a healthier you. Join the Volunteering Club at Combe Grove today.

At Combe Grove, we support both people and the planet. We aim to empower members to elevate their health and wellbeing, to live longer and better and spend time in nature.

Members have the opportunity to develop and help care for the natural environment around the Estate, discover new skills and areas of knowledge and, in addition, improve physical and mental health by joining the Volunteering Club.

As part of the Volunteering Club you will be able to get involved with the;

  • Rewilding and conserving the land including crafting dead hedges, clearing brambles and taking the land back to its original state
  • Animal Conservation including bird and bat box construction
  • The ancient craft of Dry Stone Walling
  • Woodland Management
  • Native Species Survey
  • Gardening¬†

Combe Grove is owned by the Elmhurst Foundation. Since 2017 the charity has been dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of the local community. We believe that empowered people create empowered communities, and our Volunteering Club is designed to bring engaged individuals together with a shared purpose.

Find new friendships, build self-confidence, be happier and healthier. Join the Volunteering Club at Combe Grove today.


Speak to a team member, email marketing@combegrove.com or call us on 01225 834 644 to join.