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Unique gifts for nature lovers – Easter gifting alternative

Unique gifts for nature lovers

The act of gift-giving is a universal way to show love, appreciation or gratitude and as we know, personal gifts are always the best received. Sentimental gifts with evidence of thoughtfulness, time and care can be recognised instantly. Gift-giving isn’t just beneficial for the receiver, South University suggests that the act of giving without expecting anything in return can actually improve our psychological health. However, with endless amounts of plastic hitting landfills every day, it is important now more than ever to think outside of the box when gifting. We can all help by ensuring that we invest in built-to-last gifts that will protect the planet and where possible, are delivered in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

With all of this in mind, we have put together this list of our very favourite unique gifts for nature lovers. These sustainable presents are perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, gardeners or as an alternative to chocolate Easter gifts this year. 

Flower Press

A flower press is one of our favourite gift ideas for nature lovers. With endless possibilities for end results, a flower press presents the opportunity to go foraging for unique wildflowers, spend time together outdoors and create wonderful decorations for your home. You may wish to accompany the gift of a flower press with a handmade glass hanging frame for the recipient to hang their flowers. This is simply a timeless gift that can be used for years on end.

Alternatively, if you wish to simply gift a charming home decoration that incorporates pressed flowers, Made Eco offer elegant pre-pressed flower frames, delivered with no plastic in sight. 

National Hedgehog Day - Hedgehog in hibernation

Hedgehog Home

Providing a home for Hedgehogs can help these solitary creatures to survive hibernation. Hedgehogs can often try to set up house in piles of leaves, compost heaps or even within fire pits which can become dangerous for them when the time comes to tidy up the garden. Gardeners world suggests the best hedgehog houses for insulation, design and durability are those with protection and a removable roof with one suggestion being this Eco hedgehog house from CJ Wildlife. One of their top tips when buying a hedgehog home is a narrow tunnel entrance to ensure no predators can access the space. Once hedgehogs find the home that you have supplied for them, they will generally want to make it their own so placing dry leaves around the area can give them a head start.

Hedgehogs are known as the gardener’s friend for a reason. They are no harm to crops but are known to eat pests such as slugs therefore, a hedgehog home could be a thoughtful gift for any wildlife lover.

Read more about how we can protect hedgehogs here. 

Growbar Bee Friendly Blooms with Bee Cells

Green & Blue have put together a thoughtful gift package for all wildlife lovers. Their Growbar and Bee Cells Bundle includes 3 Bee cells that can act as a nesting site or safe space for solitary bees. A Bee house can provide a space away from predators, weather elements and pesticides for Bees to safely lay their eggs. The gift also includes a Growbar seed pack containing seeds for flowers that attract Bees.

Bloom Magazine for gardeners and nature inspiration

“Bloom is a magazine for gardeners, plant admirers, nature lovers, curious explorers and outdoor adventurers” and the perfect gift for any of the above. The magazine shares practical advice, helpful articles on harvesting and sustainability tips. Any outdoor lover would be overjoyed to receive Bloom Magazine as a thoughtful gift. 

A Reusable Cup – The gift they didn’t know they needed

This one is not just for nature lovers. Huskup reusable cups can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that the receiver didn’t necessarily know that they needed. These plastic-free, reusable cups help to protect the ocean from single-use plastic pollution and since they are made from rice husk, they are all-natural. Perfect for filling with hot cocoa on a long winter’s walk, these cups make a wonderful gift (they even have a nature-inspired collection…)

Bird Feeder

Help your loved ones to protect their local wildlife with an eco-friendly bird feeder or birdhouse. A birdhouse can protect a family of small birds throughout the winter and provide peaceful entertainment from the garden window. Green & Blue offer an award-winning birdhouse, inspired by the natural form of nests to provide a safe space for birds all year round. This gift is a wonderful addition to any garden.

Deliciously scented and all-natural wildflower soap 

Finally, one of our very favourite nature-inspired gifts is soap. Handmade in the peak district, these all-natural wildflower soaps could be the perfect present for someone who loves being surrounded by natural scents. Presented beautifully, these soaps are made from sustainable high-quality ingredients and never tested on animals. 

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