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Sustainability in the Workplace – Go Green at Work


As we emerge from the pandemic, our focus is starting to come back to sustainable living. For the last 20 months, we have had to adapt to mask-wearing, strong cleaning products, disposable packaging and more.

Many of us have now returned to the office and are ready to embrace the ‘new normal’ and incorporate more sustainable practices into our daily routine and working environment.

Not sure where to begin?

Here are some simple tips to follow on how to be greener in your workplace.

Sustainability in the workplace

· Instead of buying food and drink in disposable containers, think about investing in reusable alternatives such as cups, cutlery and straws. In the Caff at Combe Grove, we stock many eco-friendly products including, beeswax wraps, reusable coffee cups and tote bags to help you on your way to reducing waste.

· Only print essential documents and where possible use only black ink. Additionally, it’s beneficial to print on both sides of the paper.

· We all need a tea and coffee fix during our working day, but have you taken into consideration how you can be more environmentally conscious while enjoying your brew? Use tea bags that are plastic and bleach-free as these are much healthier for you and the environment. Dispose of them in the compost along with your used coffee grounds. The plants will be grateful for that extra bit of effort.

· Technology is more popular than ever before and is an ideal way to reduce the amount of paper consumption in the office. Storing files digitally will help to combat the amount of paper used as well as creating more space in the office. Documents are very easy to share in meetings without the need for handouts, so try to make more use of projectors or share screens to keep paper to a minimum. This will also help with the cost of printing and ink.

· Keep recycling disposal in an easily accessible place in the office. Your team are more likely to be mindful of recycling if it’s readily available.

· We aren’t out of the woods yet when it comes to the pandemic, and it’s important to remember to keep our working environments clean now that we are all back together. However, we need to be considerate towards not only our well-being but also the environment. So instead of using harsh cleaning products, encourage your team to use environmentally friendly cleaning products. They will still give you the protection you need from any viruses without compromising the wellbeing of the environment and those around you. Check out our journal post on All natural cleaning products for a green clean

· Recycle office paper or shred and reuse as a packaging filler. At Combe Grove, our shredded paper makes excellent bedding for our rescue chickens on The Estate.

· Switch off any electronic devices that are not being used and be sure to turn lights off in rooms that no one is in. it will save energy and company costs.

Sustainability in the workplace doesn’t need to be complicated, even starting with small changes can make a big impact. So why not use some of these simple tips and make a positive impact for yourself and the planet. When bringing your group to Combe Grove you can immerse yourself in nature amongst the estate’s 70 acres and rest assured that Combe Groves has a commitment to maintain and improve our environmental and sustainable responsibilities. Why not browse our sustainability page?