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A Summary of the Article in Women’s Fitness Magazine

In the latest issue of Women’s Fitness, Emma Coxon recounted her life-changing journey at the Combe Grove Metabolic Health Retreat near Bath.

After a four-year break from regular exercise and unhealthy eating habits, she sought a comprehensive approach to revitalise her health and wellbeing. Emma found herself unsure about how to regain control after a recent visit to her GP, where she discovered that her BMI was above the recommended range and that her cholesterol was too high. By chance, she came across the UK’s pioneering medical wellness centre, Combe Grove, founded by philanthropist Helen Aylward Smith, and began her journey to improved health. This article provides a summarised overview of Emma’s Women’s Fitness feature.

Combe Grove’s innovative Metabolic Health Programme integrates cutting-edge medical research with the rejuvenating influence of nature and a dedicated support team consisting of medical experts, dietitians, nutritionists, and holistic health practitioners. Emma discovered that the Retreat’s Programmes are guided by the ‘Five Roots of Metabolic Health’: Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, Environment, and Sleep, aiming to establish and maintain homeostasis in the body.

Nestled in the picturesque Somerset countryside just beyond Bath, Combe Grove’s 70 acres of lush woodland and meadows served as a breath-taking setting. Emma arrived on a crisp autumnal morning, greeted warmly by Hilary Woods, a Team Leader, and was acquainted with the week’s itinerary. Her accommodation, featuring a king-size bed, balcony, and sitting bath with a view of the valley below, was beautifully prepared.

Throughout the week, Emma and her fellow participants savoured nourishing meals abundant in quality proteins, healthy fats and low in carbs. The fundamental concept of time-restricted eating, with brunch at 10.45am and dinner at 7pm, allowed for a 16-hour rest and reset period. Crafted by Chefs Marco Appel and Rachel Milsom, the dishes showcased fresh, flavourful ingredients sourced from the Estate’s Kitchen Garden and local suppliers. Emma shared that her favourite dishes included fish pie topped with creamy cauliflower mash and Parmesan and leek, butterbean, and celeriac crumble.

The Retreat commenced with health evaluations led by GP Dr. Campbell Murdoch, uncovering areas for enhancement in Emma’s health. Despite Emma’s initial concerns, Dr. Murdoch expressed confidence in her ability to make positive changes, sharing success stories from his own practice. Emma shared that her blood pressure and triglyceride levels fell within the healthy range, offering a sense of relief. The Accuniq device, which assessed overall body composition, revealed unexpected findings with increased visceral fat, while her skeletal muscle mass stayed within the healthy range. A movement coach later in the week linked this to Emma’s past fitness level, underscoring the importance of consistent exercise for maintenance.

The week unfolded with enlightening workshops highlighting the significance of the ‘Five Roots,’ featuring cookery demonstrations and movement workshops. Emma engaged in various classes, from spin and HIIT to aqua fit, appreciating the diverse movement opportunities at Combe Grove. The well-appointed, nature inspired gym provided cardiovascular machines, resistance equipment and fitness aids, catering to individual preferences.

To counterbalance physical activities, Emma immersed herself in calming holistic treatments like reflexology, massage, and osteopathy. These treatments complemented her overall wellbeing, addressing knee stiffness and providing relaxation.

Departing from Combe Grove with newfound excitement about the future, Emma recognised the Retreat as one of the most transformative experiences in her life. The 48-week post-retreat support from experts equipped her with the confidence to uphold her revised eating and exercise habits.

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