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Bath and West – Smell and Sleep

One of the five pillars of metabolic health is sleep, and at Combe Grove, the beautiful herb beds outside the retreat bedrooms reflect this principle. Each pillar of metabolic health is represented by a specific herb. Sleep is symbolised by chamomile, with several varieties incorporated into the ‘Tee-Pea’ to create a calming, sleep-inducing environment. The other associated herbs include rosemary for mindset, sage for environment, lavender for movement, and ginger for nutrition. Additionally, the ‘Tee-Pea’ is surrounded by scented sweet peas, and according to old folklore, if a young woman places a sweet pea blossom under her pillow, she will dream of her future love.

The ‘Tee-Pea’ is constructed from reused pallets and coppiced hazel from the Combe Grove woodland.