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Spring at Combe Grove – Short nature poem for World Poetry Day

Spring at Combe Grove – A short nature poem for World Poetry Day

In light of World poetry day on the 21st of March – a day for promoting the creativity of reading, writing and publishing – Lucy Saunders, Deputy Marketing Manager at Combe Grove and creator or Flourish Magazine, has written a short nature poem named ‘Spring at Combe Grove’.

World Poetry Day is celebrated to give appreciation to one one of our most treasured forms of expression. Poetry can be simple, or complex, convey emotions of all kind and play along the line of words and rhythm.

World Poetry Day Combe Grove Poem

Spring at Combe Grove – By Lucy Saunders

The crocuses are blooming, daffodils rising, snowdrops are on display, 

The glimmer of sunshine and blue skies mean spring is on its way. 

A peacock butterfly and the first brimstone of the year make themselves known, 

As Lewin and his estates’ team are preparing to get the summer vegetables sown. 

The views over the Limpley Stoke valley are becoming increasingly clearer, 

Combe Grove is alive with the sound of birds, dog walkers and the river. 

Bumblebees are slowly coming out of hibernation, 

This is spring’s simple sign of confirmation.

New shoots break through the hardened winter ground, 

Just weeks after Combe Grove was snowbound. 

Jenny wrens are bobbing around and blue tits are in full song, 

It won’t be long before we hear the dawn chorus and the light will stay all day long. 

The outdoor pool has a new lease of life, 

And Combe Grove has awakened with winter sleeping wildlife. 

While The Coach House has brought the outside in,

we are eagerly awaiting for your return to begin. 

A plethora of picnic rugs will soon be back on the green, 

The pandemic will be over and summer will become an iconic scene. 

For spring has entered Combe Grove grounds, 

And there is a host of new, exciting opportunities to be found.