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30 Day Wild – A Poem by Lucy Saunders

Combe Grove is taking part in 30 Days Wild so that we can bring people together,
From the change of season, ending of lockdown and time spent enjoying the weather.

30 Days Wild gives us the time to observe and admire the nature,
To monitor, care for and become the creator.

Admire the bees busily pollinating and listen to the sound of the birds,
Watch the swaying of the trees, smell the wild garlic and journal with words.

Spend time touching the grass and enjoy the minute life that crawls beneath,
Admire from hints and tips on Combe Groves stories, make a list to complete.

Learn the differences in flora, fauna and fungi from this month recommended reads,
Whilst reading up on botany, gardening, soil science and how to germinate your own seeds.

June is a time when nature takes hold,
And the actions of humans start to unfold.

We will cover concerns of single use plastic and food waste,
Whilst we host recipes with ingredients that can be traced.

We will help to give you nature inspired challenges and creative clips,
And we would love to hear from you, sharing any of your nature tips.

Get creative, get planting, get making all in aid of the landscape and the animals within it,
Slow down, take a moment and ease yourself in, find a green patch of land to sit.

Fill your days with the natural world and join us for 30 Days Wild.