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51 Weeks of Online Support

Combe Grove

Metabolic Health Retreat

51 Weeks of Online Support


The Combe Grove Metabolic Health Retreat is a one-week stay, complemented and reinforced by 51 weeks of online support.

Your membership of the Programme begins three weeks before your one-week stay.  During this introductory period, you will receive a welcome pack containing a booklet packed with knowledge about the Combe Grove Five Roots of Metabolic Health and a journal for you to use to record your notes, reflections, plans and achievements. An online group meeting hosted by a Combe Grove Nutrition Expert to allow you to learn more about the programme and about suggested reflections and small changes that will assist you in preparing for your stay.

In the 48 weeks following your stay, you are provided with exclusive access to the Combe Grove online portal. The portal allows you to review the knowledge conveyed in the workshops delivered during your stay and to access new information that is shared with you as your membership year progresses. Each week, you will be invited to access new written articles, podcasts and videos designed to develop your understanding of the Combe Grove Five Roots of Metabolic Health and practical ways to apply this knowledge to your own life. Features on seasonal vegetables and nourishing recipes assist you in following the Combe Grove Healthy Eating Guidelines and the Combe Grove online exercise classes will keep you moving. Content-focused on enhancing wellbeing will be designed to assist you in achieving good sleep, cultivating a conducive environment and maintaining a positive mindset.

The online portal also makes the Combe Grove Ask the Expert service available to you allowing you to address questions to the Combe Grove team throughout the year.

At six points during the year, you will be invited to meet, via an individual video call, with one of the Combe Grove coaches to discuss your progress, assist you in meeting any challenges you might be encountering and celebrate your success in achieving sustained lifestyle change.


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