Eat and Drink

Keeping it simple

We celebrate and champion good food production, and the kitchen works hard to use all raw ingredients. You’ll find our menus are simpler, pared back to three choices per course plus a selection of specials. This means we can hold less stock and eliminate unnecessary waste.

Make, bake, create

Our kitchen team makes good simple food with great care. Each day we bake our own bread from our own sourdough starters. Chutneys and pickles, crackers, vegetable crisps, pastries, cakes and chocolates: these are all made from scratch. We ferment our own yoghurt and sauerkraut. We smoke salmon on site too.

We’re making our menus healthier and we’ve started by using less salt and cutting out refined sugar; a little indulgence from time to time can be very welcome, but we want people to indulge by choice.

Put local and seasonal ingredients first. The rest will follow

Prioritising local and seasonal ingredients means that our vegetables are on your plate within a few days of being picked, so they’re full of flavour and the good stuff you need to thrive. Our fish are caught off the coast of Devon by fisherman who share our belief in maintaining healthy fish stocks. Our meat and game, organic and free-range, is reared by people who care about the welfare of the animals.

Good food is essential to our wellbeing in more ways than you might think. Good food is seasonal and sustainable, which makes it better for the land and better for you. Good food is produced in a way that encourages biodiversity and supports wildlife, which is better for the planet and better for everyone.


Bar opening hours:

Monday-Saturday:  10am–10pm

Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Hotel residents can request limited bar service from the night porter after 11pm.


Monday-Friday: 7-10am

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 7-11am


Monday-Saturday: 12-2pm (with a limited offering served between 3-5pm)



Monday-Thursday: 6pm-9pm

Friday-Saturday: 6pm-10pm