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A summary of Karen Hockney’s Review In Bath Life

In her immersive experience during December 2022, journalist Karen Hockney details the remarkable journey she embarked upon during the Metabolic Health Retreat. Through her insightful words, she unveils the restorative power of the retreat, highlighting the impact it had on her overall well-being, from the revitalisation of her metabolic health to the profound sense of tranquillity she discovered. In this blog post, we summarise Karen Hockney’s firsthand account published by Bath Life Magazine, an inspiring testament to the life-changing potential of the Metabolic Health Retreat.


A summary of Karen Hockney’s Review In Bath Life as written by Katy Lewis


Welcome to the Metabolic Health Retreat at Combe Grove in Bath, UK, where guests are introduced to an innovative wellness approach that merges advanced medical science with holistic assistance. This retreat stands apart from conventional spa getaways by focusing on restoring the five fundamental pillars of metabolic health: nutrition, movement, sleep, mindset, and environment. The objective is to recalibrate overall well-being and reduce the likelihood of ailments such as heart disease, strokes, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

Before arriving at the Georgian manor house, guests embark on a three-week preparation phase. During this time, they complete an assessment that outlines their current status across the five pillars. Once they reach the retreat, a warm welcome awaits them in a minimalist Scandi-inspired suite adorned with diverse forms of soothing lavender. The programme immerses attendees in a variety of activities, including communal suppers, candlelit yoga nidra sessions, and enlightening presentations delivered by experts.

The comprehensive programme incorporates an array of tests and consultations to evaluate guests’ health. Blood tests gauge insulin resistance, while an Accuniq body composition test scrutinises factors such as muscle mass, BMI, and obesity risk. The retreat also places considerable emphasis on time-restricted eating (TRE), a scientifically proven method to enhance outcomes for individuals with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Nutritional guidance covers optimal oil choices, primary plant protein sources, and the recommended daily intake of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

Participants quickly adapt to the new routine and enjoy the benefits of improved sleep and an enhanced sense of tranquillity. One of the retreat’s distinct features is its handpicked team of nutritionists, trainers, and holistic practitioners specialising in various therapies, including cranial sacral osteopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, and more. These treatments effectively alleviate stress-related ailments and foster holistic well-being.

Combe Grove distinguishes itself not only through its exceptional wellness programme but also through its steadfast commitment to the environment. The Estate encompasses a dedicated woodland area that serves as a sanctuary for badger conservation, while also providing a habitat for 16 bat species. Planned renovations include the establishment of an apothecary garden filled with healing herbs for tincture production. Additionally, non-indigenous trees will be removed to facilitate the resurgence of bluebells and English orchids. The Kitchen Garden will be expanded to cater to Combe Grove’s needs while generating surplus produce for the local community.

Upon completing the week-long retreat, participants report enhanced sleep quality and significant reductions in blood sugar and blood pressure levels, particularly for individuals who had previously elevated readings. The combination of expert guidance, serene natural surroundings, nourishing dishes, and exceptional facilities make this retreat the optimal choice for those seeking a comprehensive mind and body reset in 2023.

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