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A Summary of the Article in Platinum Magazine

Throughout Alice’s adult years, weight posed a constant struggle, exacerbated by the revelation of type-1 diabetes in her early 40s. This condition added a layer of complexity to her wellness journey. She experimented with various diets and attended diverse health retreats. The aftermath of these retreats left her physically lighter, mentally rebalanced, and filled with positive intentions. However, upon returning home, those well-intentioned resolutions seemed to dissipate. In her quest for a solution, she discovered a Retreat in Bath that offered a unique promise – continuous support for an entire year post-retreat. Without hesitation, she secured a spot. In this summary of the article in Platinum Magazine, journalist Alice Dogruyol details her transformative experience.

Alice’s preparation for the Retreat began three weeks prior, involving comprehensive health assessments, at-home tests through Thriva, and consultations with Nutritionists. Upon arrival, participants were welcomed into a supportive community, where daily workshops covered the Five Roots of Metabolic Health: Nutrition, Mindset, Movement, Sleep, and Environment. Nestled in the picturesque Combe Grove Estate, the Georgian Main House presented an idyllic setting, surrounded by verdant countryside. Alice felt as though she was walking into the pages of a Jane Austen novel. She was welcomed to her accommodation in the Barn and was delighted by the natural elements including the British made Woolroom duvet, and the personalised touches including a body oil crafted from rosemary essential oil to calm and balance her senses.

The Retreat’s uniqueness lay in its focus on metabolic health, guided by PhD Dietitians and a GP specialising in the field. Medical assessments by GP Dr. Campbell Murdoch revealed insights into Alice’s metabolic health, including insulin resistance and blood glucose levels.  Alice was pleased that her insulin resistance readings were normal along with balanced blood triglycerides and HDL cholesterol but wasn’t surprised by the high glucose reading which was 10mmol above what was required. The Accuniq machine further detailed her body composition, metabolic rate, and weight targets providing Alice with clarity on areas of improvement such as reducing visceral fat.

A core principle of the Programme was time-restricted eating, with a focus on intermittent fasting. This came as a relief to Alice as she only needed to think about food twice a day, meaning fewer insulin injections and less blood glucose fluctuations. Defying restrictions, the Retreat menu, prepared with ingredients from the Kitchen Garden, showcased innovative ways to create nourishing dishes that are low in carb but high in quality protein and healthy fats, featuring options like grilled chicken breast and baked salmon. Alice noted that the smoked mackerel pate stood out as her favourite dish on the brunch menu.

Workshops led by GP Dr. Murdoch and dietitian Dr. Rebecca Hiscutt PhD underscored the importance of small, consistent changes for impactful results. Alice’s personal consultations delved into her individual challenges and provided her with practical solutions.

For Alice, managing insulin levels was a central concern due to her type 1 diabetes diagnosis. The Retreat offered a range of treatments, including Reflexology, Structural Integration, Naturopathy, and Deep Tissue Massage. The supportive staff, including Team Leader Hilary Woods, who shared a personal connection with type-1 diabetes, added a comforting touch and a shared experience.

The Retreat’s impact extended beyond the physical, building a renewed focus on self-care and long-term wellness goals. Combe Grove’s commitment to post-retreat support, with online resources, regular blood tests, and one-on-one consultations, set it apart as a comprehensive health destination.

Alice’s glowing review prompted consideration from her health-sceptic mum and sister, highlighting Combe Grove’s potential to become a world-renowned health destination. As she left a few pounds lighter, the true achievement lay in her commitment to healthier habits and personal wellness—a journey that extended far beyond the confines of the Retreat. Plans for a return visit, joined by her family, solidified the positive impact of Combe Grove’s holistic approach to health.

The full article can be found here.