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Combe grove at home
Take Control Of Your Health At Home

Transform your health in the comfort of your own home with a 12 week online Metabolic Health Programme

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Combe grove at home
Supported By Medical Professionals

Our registered Dietitians and Nutritionists equip you with guidance, education, and the tools to transform your health

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Combe Grove At Home
Results That Last

Informed by medical assessments and consultations from our team, your personalised plan sets you up for long term success

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Combe Grove At Home

A comprehensive online programme delivering medically measurable results, developed by Metabolic Health specialist Dietitians and Nutritionists


12 weeks

Start Date

Early Autumn 

What's Included

• 12 week online programme

• Two comprehensive Metabolic Health checks including blood tests

• Workshops and presentations delivered by world experts in Metabolic Health

• Three 45 minute consultations with your own dedicated Health Coach via zoom

• Continued Q&A support from your dedicated Health coach throughout the programme

• Personalised action plan empowering continued progress towards improved metabolic health

• Live webinars guiding you through the Five Roots of Metabolic Health, nutrition, movement, sleep, environment and mindset

• A treatment or therapy to complement your personal health goals online from a Combe Grove therapist, or in person with your local, partner approved practitioner

• Starter pack including body composition scales, blood pressure monitor, tape measure, hand grip dynamometer and more

Get started for only £1200

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Hear From Our Clients

Hear From Our Clients

Useful Information

Over 12 weeks, discover the importance of Metabolic Health and its fundamental role in helping you reach your personal goals.

Through a comprehensive Metabolic Health Assessment, including blood tests, gain medical insight into the current status of your Metabolic Health. Together with your personal Metabolic Health Coach, analyse your results to inform your tailored plan for improved health.

Throughout the programme, your personal Metabolic Health Coach supports you with dedicated consultations. In your three 45-minute consultations, share your health history, preferences, and daily life approach, allowing your coach to offer powerful personalised guidance.

Individual support is complemented by group sessions with other Combe Grove At Home clients who start their programme alongside you. This fosters a closely aligned community, all sharing the common goal of improving health.

At the beginning of your virtual Metabolic Health journey, receive your Combe Grove starter box and meet the Combe Grove Team including your dedicated Metabolic Health Coach.

Through personalised consultations, your Metabolic Health Coach gently guides you on your health journey, helping you transition from internal imbalance to a state of balance and harmony.

Your initial consultation allows your Metabolic Health Coach to create a comprehensive, tailored plan to ensure you achieve your health goals effectively. Your Metabolic Health Coach is available at every step of your health journey ensuring you feel grounded and supported by an expert who deeply understands your specific needs.

Gain a deep understanding of your health

Through comprehensive assessments, including detailed blood tests, blood pressure and waist circumference measurement gain invaluable medical insights into your body’s current state. Collaborate with your dedicated Metabolic Health Coach to analyse these findings and develop a personalised Five Root plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. This deep understanding empowers you to take informed steps towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Make lasting change

Transform your health with sustainable and actionable steps designed to create lasting impact. Over 12 weeks, implement easy to follow strategies that align with your lifestyle, focusing on the Five Roots of Metabolic Health: nutrition, movement, sleep, environment, and mindset.

Supported by experts

Your personal Metabolic Health Coach provides dedicated support through consultations, helping you navigate your health journey with powerful personalised guidance. Additionally, enjoy ongoing Q&A support, live educational webinars, and access to a network of Combe Grove practitioners, all working together to help you on your Metabolic Health journey.


“Probably the best decision I have ever made for myself. I feel empowered to begin the next stage of my journey, fully supported by an incredible team”

Angela | Age 52

"I have met a wealth of caring, helpful, knowledgable and inspiring staff, doctors and nutritionists. I have learnt so much and been supported to make changes for the better."

Julia | Age 54

“Professional Excellence, this is the No.1 for anyone interested in improving health”

Laura | Age 66 | London

“It was revelatory, I learnt so much from the exceptional staff”

Jerry | Age 65 | London
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