Marvellous Mars - Talk and Stargazing

By Nick Allen

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Mars has been looking rather spectacular in the night sky these past weeks. As it hurtles through its orbit it has passed closer to Earth than it will be for another 15 years.

Humans have an obsession with Mars. We’ve sent more probes there than to any other planet, and have attempted to land seven roving explorers onto its surface. It inspires our imagination and has been represented in fiction for well over a century. Early speculation that it might be capable of supporting life sparked a number of stories and films about Martians.

It is the second smallest planet in the Solar System, yet it has geological features that dwarf equivalents on Earth, and its history can teach us a huge amount about the possible future of Earth.

Join Dartmoor Skies and learn more about the secrets of Mars.

A talk and discussion will be followed by stargazing with telescopes and astro-binoculars if the weather permits.

The team at Combe Grove will provide hot chocolate and biscuits to protect budding astronomers from the autumn chill.

Members £10 | Non-Members £12

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