Vitaldetox Retreats

Friday 26th April  – Friday 3rd May

Vitaldetox Retreats are a friendly, supportive team of experienced therapists who are dedicated to enabling you to have the most beneficial detox week possible. They are not there to make you feel wrong about your lifestyle choices; they simply want to give you an opportunity to rest, restore, cleanse and take as much, or as little, inspiration away with you as you want. They will also give you the emotional and physical support that you need to get the most out of your detox holiday, and the tools you need to continue living healthily when you leave.



Why you should come

Why Detox? Because when you stop eating your body has a chance to put all its available energy into cleansing, energy that is usually spent digesting and assimilating food. As soon as you start your fast your body will take the opportunity to clean out toxins that have accumulated in the cells and organs of your body.

Prolonged stress can leave the body adrenally exhausted which, in turn, affects the whole hormonal balance of the body. This toxic build up is gradual, accumulative and can make us ill and deplete our energy, leaving us looking and feeling unhealthy.


What We Include In Our Detox Retreat Programme

When you book your place on one of our retreats we will ask you certain questions to make sure that you will benefit from your week with us and we’ll also send you a questionnaire about your medical history, overall health and lifestyle. On the first day we will go through your questionnaire with you in a one to one interview to help identify goals, medical issues and any emotional issues that you’d like to work through during the retreat.


Juices and Broth

Colonics, Meditation and Health Talks

Emotional Detox and Intelligence

Coaching and Astrology

Relationship Detox


Massage and Body Work


Raw Food Feast


Mission Statement

apprenticeshipsThe aim of our Vital Detox Retreat Team is to provide a place where people can take time out and take a step back to re-evaluate what is important to them. We promise to give people all the support they need as they go through the detoxification process – both physical and emotional – and to celebrate with them when they realise the changes that they have made to their health. We will always have the client’s best interest at heart and will do everything we can to provide information and support in whatever way it is needed.

Prices are now £1800 for Valley View room, £1900 for Balcony and £2000 for terrace. All rooms are single occupancy and ensuite.
Please email if you have any enquirers.