Children’s Zumba

By Nick Allen

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Children’s Zumba – Wednesday 14th February 2018

Children’s Zumba is great fun ?and improv?es? fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and even memory.  Best of all, it is not a strict dance class, so it is genuinely accessible to all. The classes are high-energy and packed with simply choreographed routines set to engaging music, as well as movement-based games and activities.

The classes are structured and include warm-up and cool-down activities, as well as a range of choreography and music styles from all around the world.  The moves are all simple, and are broken down so that anyone can follow them.  By the end of the session children will have learned at least one new simple dance routine — perhaps a Combination from Colombia or a Salsa from Cuba, for example — played one or two dance-based games, been active and, above all, ?had plenty of fun?!

Take some time out for yourself too, and enjoy our new lunch table selection of salads, soups and delicious pies, book a treatment or use our spa facilities whilst the children have fun.

Activities are suitable for 7 – 11 year olds.


Members: £12 per child

Non-members: £15 per child

Non-members plus one adult to use the spa facilities: £30

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