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Live Longer. Live Better.

Empower your team with renewed focus and wellness during an invigorating one-week Corporate Metabolic Health Retreat.

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One Year of Support

One year of online guidance from our specialists to monitor your team's progress and provide direction for their lifestyle adjustments

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Holistic Therapies & Treatments

Select from a diverse range of therapies to align with your team's unique health and wellness requirements

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Nutritious Food & Drink

Savour a vibrant, seasonal, low-carb menu sourced from Combe Grove’s Kitchen Garden

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The Metabolic Corporate Health Retreat

Empower your team with a one-week Corporate Metabolic Health Retreat on the Combe Grove Estate enhanced with a one-year online support Programme.

Benefits For Businesses

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Improving your team’s metabolic health will contribute to lowering healthcare costs for your business by reducing the frequency and severity of health-related sick days

Enhanced Productivity

Encouraging metabolic health practices leads to a wide array of positive changes such as improved cognitive capacity which may help to contribute to improving daily performance

Company Loyalty

Investing in personalised wellness experiences for your employees’ health, demonstrates clearly how much you genuinely care and value your team members’ wellbeing


7 Nights


£2,600 PP

Discount may be applied based on the size of the group* 

Recommended For

Combe Grove Metabolic Corporate Health Retreat guests taking part in yoga

Businesses with an interest in improving the health of their key staff whilst immersed in nature

Combe Grove Metabolic Corporate Health Retreat guests observing a presentation from Dr Campbell Murdoch about what Metabolic Health is

Businesses who may need a team bonding experience that will foster a stronger sense of unity

Combe Grove Metabolic Corporate Health Retreat guests going for a walk on our estate woodland

Businesses who want to reduce health-related sick days while improving productivity


"Spending a week at Combe Grove was the total mind and body reset I needed."

Lisa | Age 56
Stayed August 2023

"I came feeling frazzled, I'm leaving feeling relaxed and wanting more."

Anonymous | Age 44
Stayed December

“I feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes. My mind is clearer!”

Paddy | Age 80
Stayed February 2023

“A truly transformative experience. Wish I learned it years ago.”

Brian | Age 60
Stayed December 2022
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Useful Information

During the Metabolic Health Retreat, your team will have a comprehensive daily schedule of activities to select from, spanning lifestyle workshops, creative sessions, and cooking demonstrations, to invigorating morning yoga, exercise trial sessions, and guided nature walks, all tailored to your preferences for either relaxation or stimulation.

Throughout the year-long program, your team will have full access to our extensive facilities, including:

  • A gym equipped with innovative energy-harvesting machines to minimise our environmental impact
  • Over 65 weekly fitness classes
  • Indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools
  • Two saunas and one steam room
  • Four hydrotherapy beds
  • Two indoor and two outdoor tennis courts
  • Three exercise studios

Furthermore, you and your team can explore our 70-acre Estate and the surrounding area. Our dedicated Exercise Coaches will collaborate with your team members to identify enjoyable and practical forms of physical activity that they can continue at home.

To reset and restore harmony for both your mental and physical well-being, your team’s retreat package encompasses three credits, which can be redeemed for:

  • One to one consultation with a Nutritionist
  • Private session with an Exercise Coach
  • Exclusive treatments with a Holistic Practitioner practising in Acupuncture, Counselling/Psychotherapy, Cranial Sacral Osteopathy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Structural Integration, Naturopath, Physiotherapy, Reflexology or Shiatsu
  • Appointment with a Therapist for a body treatment

The Corporate Metabolic Health Retreat encompasses Combe Grove’s Five Roots of Metabolic Health:

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Mindset
  • Environment

During your team’s stay, these Five Roots are embraced by the healing power of the natural surroundings, nutritious meals aligned with Combe Grove’s Food Ethos, and a range of activities that inspire movement, education, creativity and positivity.

The most challenging aspect for your team will be sustaining these lifestyle changes once they return home. That’s why, unlike any other health retreats, you and your team members will also benefit from one year of invaluable online support. This support includes delightful recipes featuring seasonal ingredients, activities to keep everyone moving, as well as scheduled consultations with our Practice Team to track progress and plan the next stages of their health journey.

To help your team achieve balance across their Five Roots, you will all be invited to enjoy a one-year membership Club membership, complete with a state-of-the-art gym, a diverse range of classes, an array of rejuvenating treatments and therapies and a menu that celebrates seasonality and sustainability.

The Metabolic Health Programme at Combe Grove stands out as a distinctive offering in the UK. It integrates thorough medical assessments and consistent monitoring of essential health indicators with a comprehensive range of therapies and treatments. All of these components work together to comprehensively enhance the overall well-being of your team.

From the initial contact to conducting a comprehensive health audit and eventually completing the programme, our experienced nutritionists are available to engage in discussions and provide guidance regarding suitability and customisation within the Metabolic Health Programme.


The Accuniq machine represents an advanced body composition measurement tool, providing a comprehensive and precise analysis of an individual’s skeletal mass, lean muscle mass, and fat mass. During personalised one-on-one consultations, our expert nutritionists at the Coach House utilise these measurements to offer guidance to your team members on how to achieve their body composition objectives.

hbA1C and Cholesterol Blood checks

Every member of your team undergoes blood tests to assess various predispositions, including conditions like diabetes and critical indicators related to heart health and overall performance. Additionally, our assessments closely monitor cholesterol levels, offering crucial insights that can be used to take actionable steps in addressing and improving your team’s health as they progress on their wellness journeys.

IR Health Check

Combe Grove is committed to your team’s well-being, with GPs and registered Dietitians available throughout their journey towards enhanced metabolic health and overall wellness. Each team member undergoes thorough health assessments that contribute to the creation of personalised programs tailored specifically for them. As part of this, our IR (Insulin Resistance) Health Check is meticulously designed to evaluate critical indicators of metabolic health.

Personal sessions

Our team of highly skilled medical practitioners, dietitians, nutritionists, and fitness specialists are here to help your team reach their wellness objectives, whether it’s shedding excess weight or enhancing core strength. They will determine and create tailored strategies to support both physical and mental development, making your wellness goals achievable.

One of our Returners Metabolic Health Retreat Returners receiving a Accuniq body composition measurement analysis

Combe Grove’s in-house nutritionists collaborate with experienced chefs to craft seasonal menus rooted in metabolic health principles, ensuring that every meal during your team’s stay is both delicious and nourishing. All dishes feature ingredients sourced from the Estate or local providers, guaranteeing the freshest and most nutrient-rich food at each meal. Expert nutritionists and dietitians lead workshops to deepen your team’s understanding of metabolic health, enabling you all make impactful dietary changes by gaining a profound understanding of how the body interacts with and reacts to the food we consume.

Please note that these menus are regularly updated to align with the changing seasons and ingredient availability. View a sample menu here.

Nutrition demo at Combe Grove
A mustard yellow plate on a table covered in a white tablecloth. On the plat is cooked mushrooms on sourdough toast with blue cheese on top and a side of salad.
Buckwheat noodle dish
The Orangery for dining in the Main House

Combe Grove provides a selection of tailored Metabolic Health Retreats designed to support you and your team in attaining peak health.

These retreat options encompass the standard Metabolic Health Retreat and variants of the program tailored to address specific needs, including:

  • Prediabetes
  • Menopause
  • Fertility (coming in 2024)
  • Gut Health (coming in 2024)
  • Pre-op Preparation (coming in 2024)

Every retreat comprises a three-week preparatory phase, succeeded by a week-long residential program at Combe Grove. Your team will additionally benefit from 48 weeks of expert support, guidance, and thorough health assessments to ensure the lasting impact of the lifestyle changes made during the retreat.

Further details on the specialised retreats will be available soon.

The Rooms

Situated within 70 acres of lush woodlands offering breathtaking views of the Limpley Stoke Valley, Combe Grove is conveniently close to the city of Bath, renowned for its therapeutic hot springs.

Adjacent to The Main House, The Barn features a selection of peaceful rooms overlooking The Estate. Your stay here will leave you feeling tranquil and revitalized.

To enhance your stay, your serene rooms will be personalized with thoughtfully chosen herbs and oils that align with your selected root.

Guests going on a walk of Bath's skyline


Collaborating with esteemed medical and nutritional specialists, such as Dr. Campbell Murdoch, a prominent figure in the realm of metabolic health, the Metabolic Health Retreat has been meticulously designed to tackle the five fundamental aspects of Metabolic Health:

Nutrition | Movement | Sleep | Mindset | Environment

On the Metabolic Health Retreat, your team will have the time to listen to their your body away from the workplace.

Metabolic Health retreat guests laughing together while having tea in our orangery room at Combe Grove


The Combe Grove Metabolic Health Retreat offers a carefully crafted program that harmonises the Five Roots of Metabolic Health – Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Mindset, and Environment. Our goal is to revolutionise your group’s approach to attaining peak health and wellness, ultimately enhancing the well-being and longevity of your essential team members.

Additionally your team will receive one year of support from our nutrition team to ensure everyone’s positive lifestyle changes are sustained.


Corporate Brochure

Download the Corporate Metabolic Health Retreat Brochure