Seeds of Change

As we continue a period of extended hibernation, rest assured we are cultivating something very special at Combe Grove, growing into our ambition of being a place to rest, restore and reset in support of health and wellbeing.

While we remain closed to staying guests, we look forward to welcoming back members of The Club at Combe Grove on 29th March, to enjoy the estate and all that it has to offer in support of physical and mental wellness.  Enquiries for new memberships are open and you can find out more about becoming a member of The Club at Combe Grove here.

In the meantime, we shall continue to share the natural beauty of the 64 acre Combe Grove Estate on our social media channels, along with stories supporting our ethos of biodiversity, education, wellness and nourishment. We look forward to welcoming staying guests back to Combe Grove soon.

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