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Seeds of Change

While we remain closed to staying guests, we continue to welcome members of The Club at Combe Grove to the Estate, to enjoy everything it has to offer in support of physical and mental wellness.  Membership information can be found here along with details of how to book a tour, meet the Team and find out more about the wellness facilities at Combe Grove.

As we continue our ambition in establishing Combe Grove as a centre for integrated Health and Wellbeing, the estate will reopen to overnight visitors in the autumn.  A place to rest, reset and restore in support of metabolic health, guests will be able to stay on minimum 2 night Wellness Stays and 10 day Fasting Stays. If you wish to find out more, please subscribe to our newsletter.

In the meantime, join us as we share the natural beauty of the Estate on our social media channels, in our journal and via our newsletters with stories supporting our ethos of biodiversity, education, wellness and nutrition.

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