Samarpan Meditation Spring Retreat 2019

Join us for an inspirational and transformational meditation retreat in the peaceful country setting of Combe Grove.

 Friday 19th – Sunday 21st April 2019

Whether you are exploring meditation for the first time or want to go deeper in your experience, you will take away a simple meditation that can work for you in your daily life; to help you discover inner strength and face life’s daily challenges with greater ease and balance.  The programme includes many activities that will support you in your meditation journey. 

Rejuvenate and recharge this Easter Bank holiday – immerse yourself in the experience of meditation surrounded by nature, in the unique and tranquil setting of Combe Grove.  This retreat can help you relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

The benefits of meditation are many. Through regular meditation we create a protective shield of an aura around us and, after the aura develops, we start obtaining happiness, peace and satisfaction from within.




During the retreat weekend, there will be focused sessions to experience meditation with the founder and spiritual teacher of Samarpan Meditation, His Holiness Shivkrupanand Swamiji, and his lifelong partner, Guruma, through two live online sessions transmitted from India. You’ll also get the benefit of meditating in a group, which increases our capacity to receive and absorb the high vibrations experienced with the meditation ~ connecting us more strongly with our own source of inner energy and wisdom.  Samarpan Meditation initiates a process of cleansing and spiritual awakening, connecting us with the soul ~ our own inner guru and guide. Once this connection is made in collectivity, we can more easily continue to develop the experience through our own regular meditation, and supported by the free weekly group meditations that are held in locations in the UK and the Samarpan daily online meditation platform.


Programme and activities

Arrival time will be from mid-afternoon on Friday 19 April, with the retreat ending with lunch on Sunday 21 April. Participation in all the main sessions, as well as remaining at the venue for the duration of the retreat, are important in the process of cleansing and inner transformation that is experienced through Swamiji and the meditation he shares, and we would ask all attendees to participate in these sessions wholeheartedly.

During the weekend, a number of other activities will be available to help and support your meditation practice. These include, question and answer sessions with discussion about Samarpan Meditation, opportunities to join group hatha yoga sessions and learn a daily routine you can use for personal practice,  guided woodland walks and outdoor meditation. You will also have full use of the Combe Grove leisure facilities, which includes swimming pool, steam room, a gym, tennis courts and lots of space to spend time alone and in good company.

On Saturday evening, we have a workshop with renowned singers and spiritual facilitators Illumina, who use beautiful vocal harmonies and melodies of Sacred Sounds and Mantras from all around the world to create a space to reconnect to the still, silent presence of our Divine


A sacred time of year

This is a very auspicious time chosen for the retreat, linking four sacred celebrations: Hanuman Jayanti in the Hindu tradition, celebrating selfless devotion, dedication, strength and energy, Easter in the Christian tradition, ultimately celebrating the gift of new life, Passover in the Jewish tradition commemorating liberation and freedom and “Laylat al-Bara’ah,”  where Muslim followers pray to seek forgiveness and guidance, it is believed that on this night the coming year is determined and it is therefore a chance to reshape your destiny.

This full moon weekend is truly a time for renewal, to celebrate nature, for letting go of the past and embracing something new.


Venue and accommodation

The 18th century manor house of Combe Grove, has an historic grandness yet feels homely and welcoming, with comfortable rooms and picturesque views across the valley. The simple terraced garden falls away into natural woodland and provides a tranquil setting for this special retreat.

The accommodation is in clean, comfortable shared rooms (between 2-4 people) each with its own bathroom and unique features.

Cost of the Retreat

Enjoy the indoor pool, kept at a temperature of 29° celcius – warm enough for a relaxing dip or, if you’re feeling more energetic, an invigorating swim.

Enjoy the steam rooms, or sit back and unwind on one of the five Hydrospa beds, designed to relieve muscle and joint pain with the help of water jets that target the muscles along your back and legs.

The retreat cost is inclusive of the accommodation, activities and venue facilities indicated, and vegetarian meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime, with tea and coffee, snacks and fruit available during each day.

The total amount payable is £240 per person, which includes the deposit of £60, and can be paid in full on registration.

Alternatively, you can pay in three monthly amounts as below:

  • £60 deposit per person to secure a place; payable on registration;
  • £120 second payment, due by 7th March;
  • £60 remaining balance due by 7th April.

When you register, we will contact you to confirm your space, and provide details of how to make payment online or by cheque.

You can extend your stay for 1-3 days, to make the most of the time to spend in nature and enjoying the locality and historic city of Bath. Once you have paid in full, you can book extra days at a special discount rate for b&b on 18th, 21st, 22nd April.


Contact us and How to register

Contact us

We look forward to seeing you and being together for this wonderful retreat. You can find out more about Samarpan Meditation and the work we do to share this simple, peaceful meditation and its benefits free of charge in the community at

If you have any queries, you can contact us at

How to register

Please register for attendance at the retreat and we will then contact you to confirm your space and tell you how you can make your payment.