Retreat Testimonials

Samarpan April 2019


An enchanting place

‘The huge space of the oak room and beautiful scenery. It was quite busy during the whole weekend and felt very energised by being surrounded by nature.’

‘Personally, I welcomed the huge expanse of sky at night as I fell asleep with my curtains open – not something that I expected but it served me well as I let go of each day. Combe Grove is an enchanting place and I did not really set out with any expectations but felt very blessed and happy to be there for the Spring weekend.’


A supportive, helpful and sensitive team

‘The Combe Grove team were extremely supportive; they were so helpful and sensitive to our needs. Their patience, love and consideration made the work of organising the retreat feel much easier than we expected. Everything just seemed to flow and fall into place. Considering we had over 60 people booked on to the retreat we had very few challenges, and from the feedback we’ve had from our guests it seems they were very contented during and after the retreat.’


Combe Grove stands out from the other venues

‘The scenery and location, the spaciousness and the vast array of facilities made Combe Grove stand out. The WIFI, which we needed for our meditation events, and the Oak Room, which is a perfect space for us, meant we could deliver the retreat that we wanted to.

‘I also know how much energy is going into helping land return it to its natural state. In the years to come, these efforts will be much appreciated by many individuals and organisations.’


Vitaldetox April 2019


The very best service for their clients

“From the very first contact we had with Isabel and the team at Combe Grove we were incredibly impressed and grateful for the amount of intelligence, willingness, interest and help they provided. The whole ethos and obvious commitment to providing the very best service for their clients is refreshing and unusual. They are also dedicated to creating a business that is at the very forefront of environmental awareness and sustainability. With regards to the venue itself we were very impressed with the quality of the building work that is being carried out which will, I’m sure, create a flagship retreat venue that utilises its unique location and incredible views.”