Gazing into the Night Sky

Dartmoor skies is a South West charity founded by Rob and Bryony Tilsley, who visited Combe Grove to share their knowledge of the skies and inspire an interest in astronomy and science.

The evening began with a presentation of the stars of the Spring night sky and very quickly moved outside into a very cold but clear night sky. With hot chocolate and biscotti in hand, everyone was soon peering into the telescope to experience incredibly detailed views of the moon and its many craters and lunar mountain ranges which are the result of impacts by asteroids.

From Orion’s Belt and Betelgeuse, to Leo and Gemini, Dartmoor Skies highlighted many wonderful stars and constellations which could be seen so clearly through their telescope and binoculars, and the highlight of the evening has to be taking photos of the moon with an iPhone!

Dartmoor Skies will return to Combe Grove very soon, so watch this space for more Astronomy Workshops with Rob and Bryony!

Taken with an iPhone through the telescope!