The Spirit of One

By Nick Allen

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Here at Combe Grove, our bar and restaurant team have been busy sourcing some new and exciting English gins. From Cornwall and Devon, to Hereford and London (and of course, Bath and Bristol) we have something for every gin lover, even a non-alcoholic option.  A supplier that we are very pleased to be supporting is One Gin, a spirit created with the purpose of raising funds to provide clean water in the world’s poorest communities.

Hand-crafted at Blackdown Distillery in Sussex, One Gin is created using a double distillation process. The first uses angelica root from France, cassia bark from India, coriander from Eastern Europe, juniper from The Balkans, lemon peel and orange peel from Spain, liquorice root from the Mediterranean, nutmeg from the West Indies and orris root from Italy. The second stage uses English sage, which is foraged from the grounds of the distillery.

The One Brand began their journey with bottled spring water from Britain, and their growing line of products has already helped them to raise over £15 million and help 3 million people. They want to reach £20 million by 2020 and One Gin is an important part of achieving this goal.

By enjoying a glass of One Gin at Combe Grove, you’ll be helping us to support this important cause, so be sure to stop by the bar for a glass when you’re here.