The Estate Grounds

The Combe Grove estate evidences a conscious decision we have made to increase biodiversity on the site. In practice this means taking action to conserve or enhance the existing habitat, and create new habitat.

Wildlife-friendly Maintenance

To achieve this, Estate Manager Lewin Nicholas has switched to a wildlife friendly form of maintenance and his team avoid cutting through the hedges when birds are nesting and cutting the long swathes of grass during the summer when the slow worms or other reptiles could be basking in the sun. Instead the grounds are cut back in the winter when everything is hibernating.

Food for the Kitchen

Lewin also aims to increase the number of harvestable crops we grow and there are plans to create a market garden to supply the kitchen with vegetable, and culinary herbs and to establish a nursery to grow plants.

No-Dig Gardening

Lewin will use a No-Dig gardening method to create the market garden, a long-term process, which allows nature to carry out cultivation operations.

Regenerative Agriculture

Across the estate Lewin is adopting regenerative agriculture practices, avoiding the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers and aiming to regenerate topsoil, increase biodiversity, improve water cycles, enhance ecosystem services and increase resilience to climate fluctuation.