Should I train with a friend?

I’m sure there are a lot of people like myself who need that boost of motivation. Whether it’s getting yourself to the gym or making sure you really push yourself once you’re there, I have found something that has really helped me and will also help you!

Motivation has been somewhat of a battle for me during the last few months. However, recently a friend was already in the gym and asked me if I wanted to join his session. The initial thought of it was a bit daunting, but after chatting and completing the first exercise I felt comfortable and motivated. Each exercise we pushed ourselves and each other to keep working even harder. We started enjoying the hard work and effort we were putting each other through as we knew it was beneficial. After that session, we decided to make it a regular thing, and since then my motivation has been higher than ever!  We have incorporated more fun into our sessions, for example, we would set ourselves a goal of 100 repetitions and take it in turns to do as many as possible until we reach our final combined goal.

Training with someone has endless benefits, whether its in the gym, classes in the studio, swimming, etc. For one, it makes exercising safer because your training partner can keep an eye on your form to prevent unsafe practices that can cause injuries. They are also there to give you that motivation to help you push through the sessions making the most of your time. If you love a bit of competition, you and your partner can always include challenges in your sessions to add the competitive edge, this might also incorporate new exercises to the routine. By training with someone, you’re also more likely to succeed in your goal because they are also striving to be more fit and healthy.

So if you find yourself in the same position I was in a few months back and need the motivation to get you on your feet again, then I highly recommend bringing a friend along on your journey. I hope to see you and an exercise partner soon!

Article by Ben Saunder, Combe Grove Coach