Shift in Attitude: creating an approach to transform overall health

By Paul Edmonson


I was first attracted to the fitness industry for the aesthetics reasons at the time, this was in my mid twenties – starting to show my age already!

What was evident from the outset though, was that the clients I was lucky enough to work and serve with came to me for very different outcomes – from moving better, to managing conditions of musculoskeletal pain, and just to increase mobility and bolster their bodies against the rigours of life/sport/ageing.

So, as a result of the above, something had to give….either I stay the same, the stereotypical trainer obsessed with helping those to become body beautiful, or I create a ‘shift’ in attitude and knowledge-seeking, to cater for and truly offer solutions to those who needed me the most….the result of which transformed the health (as well as just fitness) of people that chose to walk down my path and believe in what I could offer them.

The narrow minded view of the fitness industry at the moment is centred around HIIT style training and ‘turning on/activating this “muscle” (glutes is a common one), which is supposed to be the answer and holy grail for the young/elderly, fit/unfit, the sedentary/active and ALL populations.

My approach to fitness

So, I question everything, I look into the science of what ‘all aspects of training’ offer (including HIIT) – and look at there obvious benefits and there inevitable disadvantages (yes, EVERY “style” of training has a disadvantage – or few – that need to be offset, factored in and tackled if you REALLY want to create HEALTH as well as just fitness (FITNESS DOES NOT CREATE HEALTH, in fact it often DETRACTS from it!).

So, how do you create long lasting mobility, that is usable to clients to access this mobility and move well in life and be as robust/resilient as possible in the process? How do you programme for health AND fitness? How do you offset hypertension/osteoporosis/osteoarthritis (because those that exercise – according to the stats – are no more safe from these ailments than those that do not engage in physical (supervised by fitness coaches) activity).

Find out the missing ‘secret sauce’ that is missing from your traditional training – and create long lasting, powerful solutions that serve you (the exercise client) and/or empower you with the knowledge of how to make functional/individual outcomes for those you serve (and watch your practice thrive) in the process!

Since creating this mindset, I have been fortunate to travel the globe and present this material to trainers around the world – Dubai (5 times), Egypt (twice), Moscow (4 times), South Africa, Bangkok (twice), Amsterdam (twice), Belgium, Portugal, Prague (twice), Poland, Cyprus, and the USA – and I absolutely live for offering trainers further, up to date education.


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