Movement of the month: November

Beginner or improver? Would you like to add a new move to your routine? Ask to find out more about our movement of the month. This month is: The Renegade Row.

The Renegade Row

The Renegade Row: is a functional/compound exercise that dominantly strengthens core stability muscles, back (traps/lats) & biceps. Also strengthening/stabilising secondary muscles around the shoulder joint.

This exercise highlights many upper body imbalances from shoulder stability down to your core stability. This allows you to work on weaknesses that show during the renegade row.

To begin the Renegade Row, you will need a pair of dumbbells (start with a light weight). Start in a press up position with your legs at a wider stance than usual (to keep a stronger base) with dumbbells in each hand. Brace your core and glutes, raise one of the dumbbells by driving up with your elbow while keeping the opposite arm sturdy on the floor. (Round dumbbells may roll around so be careful. Flat dumbbells or kettle bells will be easier.)


  • Great for strengthening the abdominals and lower back.
  • Great for strength and size.
  • Increases body awareness / balance.
  • Increases stability in your shoulder joints.

Adaptations: This exercise can be difficult to start with, so I suggest if you are new to the exercise try the kneeling renegade rows first.

Kneeling Renegade row: Start on knees instead of feet. Row with one arm while the keeping the opposite arm strong and sturdy. This takes the stress off the abdominals / legs as they are not having to stabilise through the core. By doing this you are just working on your upper body.

Single DB Lateral Renegade Row: Only using one dumbbell / kettlebell with one hand on the floor and one hand on the dumbbell / kettlebell this takes some of the pressure off the stabilising shoulder when rowing.

Renegade Row/ Push Up: Doing any variation of renegade row push ups can be added in, this then works chest, shoulders and triceps on.