Movement of the month: July

Are you a beginner or improver? Would you like to add a new move to your routine? Members and hotel guests are welcome to join one of our Coaches at 9 am or 7 pm, seven days a week, to find out more about our movement of the month.

This month is the Bench Press.

 The bench press is a chest-dominant exercise which recruits muscles in the shoulders and triceps. It is a compound movement which mimics actions we do in everyday life. It will also improve your body strength and appearance as well as making everyday tasks easier.


  • Increased upper body push strength
  • Increased strength through a wide range of movement in the shoulder joints
  • Helps the muscles to grow
  • Can increase your bone density and improve bone health
  • Helps strengthen and build the triceps through different ranges of motion during the lift


Dumbbell Chest Press: This variation involves using two dumbbells instead of a barbell. This adds additional stress to the stabilising muscles in your shoulders which is of huge benefit and can help fix imbalances.

Chest Press Resistance Machine: This is a great exercise that reduces stress on the stabilising muscles allowing the correct form to be perfected reducing the risk of injury.